Televator 1.4

Simple elevator plugin

  1. bsy6766
    This is a simple teleporting elevator (aka Televator) plugin.



    - No moving motion. Instantly teleports to each floor.
    - Can place elevator block from y 1 to 254.
    - Highly configurable
    - Easy to use.

    Install Instruction
    - Add Televator.jar in to plugins folder.
    - On update, remove config file in Televator folder in plugins folder.

    - Place an elevator block wherever you want and place other elevator block on same y axis.
    - Path between elevator block must be clear (ignores non-solid block)
    - Make sure you placed elevator block above/below minimum gap and maximum gap. See Configurations for more info.

    - Jump/sneak while standing on elevator block to move to upper/lower level

    by, TheGamingCazz

    - /telereload Reloads config. Only allowed to op by default.

    - elevator-block: A block type that will be used for elevator. Default is set to DIAMOND_BLOCK. Recommend to use solid block. You can find block names here.
    - elevator-min-gap: Minimum gap between each elevator block. Default is set to 2. Can't go lower than 2.
    - elevator-max-gap: Maximum gap between each elevator block. Default is set to 254. Can't go higher than 254.
    Note: Minimum gap can't be same or greater than maximum gap
    - consume-hunger: If true, player consumes their hunger point whenever they use elevator. Else, false.
    - consume-hunger-rate: Amount of hunger to consume on each use of elevator. 0 ~ 20.
    - consume-exp: Set true if you want players to consume their experience point on usage.
    - consume-exp-rate: Amount of exp point to consume on each use of elevator.
    - only-survival-mode: Set true if you want to allow elevator on survival mode only.
    - sound-enable: Set true if you want to enable the elevator sound. Default is set to enderman teleport sound.
    - sound-name: Name of teleporting sound. Names can be found here.
    - elevator-daley: Enable(true)/disable(false) delay.
    - elevator-delay-second: Set 0 if you want instant move between elevators blocks.

    - New config default
    - consume-hunger and consume-exp is set to false by default.
    - elevator-block is set to IRON_BLOCK by default​
    - New mechanism
    - Now elevator ignores non-solid blocks, such as torches, ladder, carpet, lever, vine, buttons, and etc. (Sign and pressure plates are solid block)​
    - Sound config
    - Now you can change teleporting sound through config.
    - You can change the name of sound on "sound-name" in config.
    - List of built-in sounds can be found here.​
    - Bug fix
    - Now plugin won't spam error log when the with invalid elevator block name.​

    - Installation note
    - Please remove the old config in Televator folder​
    - Command fix
    - /telereload command will show short reloading message​
    - New consume option: Experience point
    - Works same as hunger(food) point​
    - You can set both option with 'consume-hunger'
    - See config for more info
    - Minor bug fix
    - Any kind of resources(food, exp) will be consumed after the delay​
    - Creative mode will no longer consume any kind of resources
    - Fixed issue with 'only-survival-mode' option

    - Add feature: Delay (Requested by Cosmo_Z)
    - If there is a delay, players can't use elevator again until the delay ends.
    - Set "elevator-delay-second" on config to desired delay.
    - After player jump/sneak, they will be teleported to destination even if they move away from the source elevator block during the delay .​
    - Fixed minor bug
    - Players can't go to upper level if there is no space of height of 2 blocks above from the upper elevator block.​
    - Little optimization :)

    - Added command and permission: telereload

    - Initial Release

    To Do & Ideas
    - More consume options
    - health, money(Vault), etc​
    - More config options
    - Custom elevator block
    - Shapeless recipe
    - Generate with command(for op)
    - Gui shop(required Vault)​
    - No movement while delay
    - Elevator usage permission
    - Particle on usage
    - Video tutorial

    Bugs and suggestions? Please leave comments if any!
    Also let me know what you think!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Hypnub
    Version: 1.4
    Amazing plugin, shame i cant get this to work with my 1.14.2 server it would be a great addition to the server
  2. Zweibot
    Version: 1.4
    Very good system! I would be happy if they could introduce a title when entering the elevator block. And that too adjustable.
  3. ExtremModz
    Version: 1.4
    How can you do that even better?

    elevator-block: DIAMOND_BLOCK
    elevator-min-gap: 2
    elevator-max-gap: 25
    consume-hunger: false
    consume-hunger-rate: 2
    consume-exp: false
    consume-exp-rate: 5
    only-survival-mode: false
    sound-enable: true
    sound-name: ENDERMAN_TELEPORT
    elevator-delay: false
    elevator-dalay-second: 2
  4. Virtual_Panda
    Version: 1.4
    I want to use .5 of a second for a delay, i don't think fractions work
  5. police
    Version: 1.3
    works well on my server!
  6. McColSpark
    Version: 1.3
    excelent delay and consumptions!
    could you add economical expense options for each televator makers. for example, entry fees or whateverthings.
  7. Raven26
    Version: 1.2
    Works exactly as described. A nice bit of fun for my server.
  8. Cosmo_Z
    Version: 1.1
    Very good!
    Request: add delay time to use elevator please
    1. bsy6766
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the idea! I added up on version 1.2.
  9. McColSpark
    Version: 1.1
    good plugin! well made.
    1. bsy6766
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :)