TEMPERATURES plugin 2021-03-22

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  1. Igorson
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Temperature Plugin is plugin that will expand your codding possibilities. This plugin shows you what is your temperature in Minecraft!


    Temperature is calculated from biome, that player is standing, but also from many other things, for example, when its night temperature is obviously lower when you are very high temperature is lower too, but when you mine in deep caves, the temperature is higher because you are under ground, when you are standing next to hot blocks or lava, the temperature is higher when its raining temperature is lower, and there are many other things that control your temperature.

    Also when you are wearing armour, the temperature is higher. But it depends on armours type, for example, the default config setting for leather chestplate is 4 celsius degrees, so when you wear that chestplate your temperature is higher by 4 degrees.
    In the plugin configuration file, you can change almost everything! You can change how many degrees temperature is lower when you are standing in rain. You can change every biome temperature.

    This is how config works:


    By default, your player temperature is visible above the item bar, but you can change that in config or by typing /temperature disable, or /temperature enable.

    When you are on a plains biome, but next to you is a desert, your temperature will be higher, but when you are in plains and there are no other biomes near you, your temperature will be plains temperature (which you can set in config).

    THIS PLUGIN ONLY WORK IN 1.16 Minecraft versions.

    Most important thing about this plugin is, that you can use it like API in you plugin. You have 3 methods to use:

    Temperatures.getPlayerTemp(Player) Temperatures.addTemperature(Player, Int)

    In this video I show how does the plugin work:

    In this video I show how to use Temperatures API:



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