TempFly 1.8.9

Treat flight time as a currency!

  1. ChiefMoneyBags
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14

    - This plugin allows you to treat flight time as a currency on your server!
    - Flight time is only used when a player is truly flying.
    - Reward your non donators with flight time.
    - The perfect feature for survival or an E.U.L.A. compliant server.


    - Give players flight time in seconds, minutes, hours and days.
    - Toggle the use of temp flight.
    - Ability for players to pay each other time like a currency.
    - Ability for players to adjust their speed of flight with permissions.
    - Particle support for players in flight
    - Ability to change a players name tag and tab name while in flight
    - Disable flight in worlds and regions.
    - Disable flight when in combat with players and monsters.
    - Maximum height a player can reach before flight is disabled.
    - Negate fall damage when flight is disabled.
    - Send players warning titles when flight time is low.
    - Ability to penalize players by removing time for inactivity.
    - Give players time upon first joining the server and a daily login bonus.
    - Built in action bar flight meter that is shown only when in flight.
    ability to show text or a progress bar with percent remaining.

    - Supports placeholders for
    --> MvdWPlaceholderAPI by Maximvdw
    --> PlaceholderAPI by Clip
    MvdWPlaceholderApi by Maximvdw placeholders:
    --> {tempfly_time_formatted}
    --> {tempfly_time_days}
    --> {tempfly_time_hours}
    --> {tempfly_time_minutes}
    --> {tempfly_time_seconds}

    PlaceholderAPI by Clip placeholders:
    --> %tempfly_time-formatted%
    --> %tempfly_time-days%
    --> %tempfly_time-hours%
    --> %tempfly_time-minutes%
    --> %tempfly_time-seconds%

    Servers using tempfly:
    - play.minespira.net


    Time format:
    When specifying time in commands you can either use straight
    seconds or specify time units.

    - /tf give {player} 3780
    Will give 1 hour 3 minutes

    - /tf give {player} -h 1 -m 3
    Will give 1 hour 3 minutes.

    Valid time units:
    - [-d] days
    - [-h] hours
    - [-m] minutes
    - [-s] seconds

    Player Commands:
    - /tf
    - toggle tempfly
    - tempfly.toggle.self

    - /tf time
    - View your remaining fly time
    - tempfly.time.self

    - /tf time [player]
    - View another players remaining fly time
    - tempfly.time.other

    - /tf speed [speed]
    - Adjust your flight speed 1-10
    - tempfly.speed.{maximum_speed}

    - /tf pay [player]
    - Player can pay other players time.
    - tempfly.pay

    - /tf help
    - View the help page
    - tempfly.help
    * - tempfly.help.admin

    Admin Commands:
    - /tf toggle [player]
    - Toggle another players tempfly
    - tempfly.toggle.other

    - /tf give [player] [time]
    - Give a user fly time
    - tempfly.give

    - /tf remove [player] [time]
    - Remove a users fly time
    - tempfly.remove

    - /tf set [player] [time]
    - Set a users fly time
    - tempfly.set

    - Infinite time
    - tempfly.time.infinite


    Here you can find the default configs for the plugin. I have made nearly every value in the plugin configurable.

    Code (Text):

    #|                                                                                      |#
    #|                ,--------.                       ,------.,--.                         |#
    #|                '--.  .--',---. ,--,--,--. ,---. |  .---'|  |,--. ,--.                |#
    #|                   |  |  | .-. :|        || .-. ||  `--, |  | \  '  /                 |#
    #|                   |  |  \   --.|  |  |  || '-' '|  |`   |  |  \   '                  |#
    #|                   `--'   `----'`--`--`--'|  |-' `--'    `--'.-'  /                   |#
    #|                                          `--'               `---'                    |#
    #|                                                                                      |#
    #|                                       Author                                         |#
    #|                                  =---=------=---=                                    |#
    #|                                   ChiefMoneyBags                                     |#
    #|                                                                                      |#
    #|                                                                                      |#
    #|                            <--Commands & Permissions-->                              |#
    #|                                                                                      |#
    #| /tempfly | /fly | /tf        | Allows user to toggle the use of temp flight.         |#
    #| tempfly.toggle.self          |                                                       |#
    #| /tf toggle [player]          | Allows user to toggle anothers use of temp flight.    |#
    #| tempfly.toggle.other         |                                                       |#
    #| /tf speed [speed]            | Allows user to change their fly speed.                |#
    #| tempfly.speed.[speed]        |                                                       |#
    #| /tf time                     | Allow user to view thier remaining time.              |#
    #| tempfly.time.self            |                                                       |#
    #| /tf time [player]            | Allow user to view another players remaining time.    |#
    #| tempfly.time.other           |                                                       |#
    #| /tf pay [player]             | Allow user to pay another player time.                |#
    #| tempfly.pay                  |                                                       |#
    #| /tf give [player] [amount]   | Allow user to give time.     valid arguments;         |#
    #| tempfly.give                 | [-s {secs}] [-m {mins}] [-h {hours}] [-d {days}]      |#
    #|                              | Ex: /tf give [player] -s 30 -m 30 -h 6 -d 1           |#
    #| /tf remove [player] [amount] | Allow user to remove time.   valid arguments;         |#
    #| tempfly.remove               | [-s {secs}] [-m {mins}] [-h {hours}] [-d {days}]      |#
    #| /tf set [player] [amount]    | Allow user to set time.      valid arguments;         |#
    #| tempfly.set                  | [-s {secs}] [-m {mins}] [-h {hours}] [-d {days}]      |#
    #| /tf help                     | Allow user to see the help page.                      |#
    #| tempfly.help                 |                                                       |#
    #| tempfly.help.admin           | Ability to see admin commands.                        |#
    #| tempfly.time.infinite        | Infinite fly time                                     |#

      # Time in minutes to backup data
      backup: 5

          - 'example_world'
          - 'test'
        # If false the player will not lose flight time if standing on the ground with flight enabled.
        ground: false
        # If false the player will not lose flight time if they go idle with flight enabled.
        idle: false
        # The threshold in seconds to consider a player idle.
        threshold: 300
        # If true players tempfly will be disabled if they go idle in the sky (dropping them).
        drop_player: false
        # If true players can send eachother time as if it were a currency.
        payable: true
        # The maximum time in seconds a player is allowed to have. -1 for no limit.
        max_time: -1
        # Time in seconds given to a player when they first join the server.
        first_join: 0
        # Time given to a player as a daily login bonus.
        daily_login: 0
        # If enabled a player will lose time when logged off the server.
        # Warning: This feature will affect player time even when the server is not running.
        enabled: false
        # The interval in which players will lose time
        threshold: 3600
        # Seconds lost per interval
        seconds_lost: 15
        # if true, flight is disabled when the player attacks another player
        attack_player: true
        # if true, flight is disabled when the player attacks a mob
        attack_mob: false
        # if true, flight is disabled when the player is attacked by a player
        attacked_by_player: true
        # if true, flight is disabled when the player is attacked by a mob
        attacked_by_mob: false
        # Time in seconds before flight can be enabled again after pvp
        cooldown_pvp: 10
        # Time in seconds before flight can be enabled again after pve
        cooldown_pve: 5
        # If true the player will not need to re toggle flight after combat
        auto_enable: true
        # If false the player will not take fall damage if flight is disabled by command
        flight_disabled: false
        # If false the player will not take fall damage if flight is disabled by running out of time
        out_of_time: true
        # If false the player will not take fall damage if flight is disabled by combat
        combat: true
      # The maximum y level a player can reach before flight is disabled.
      maximum_height: 275
      # Features that allow you to easily see if a player is flying using tempfly.
          enabled: true
          # If enabled, the players name on tab will change to this when they are in tempflight.
          # Valid placeholers: {PLAYER} The players name | {OLD_TAG} The origional name on tab, including prefixes etc.
          name: '&d~{OLD_TAG}'
          enabled: true
          # (Not currently compatible with plugin "essentials")
          # If enabled, the players name tag will change to this when they are in tempflight.
          # Valid placeholers: {PLAYER} The players name | {OLD_TAG} The origional name tag, including prefixes etc.
          name: '&d~{OLD_TAG}'
          enabled: true
          type: 'VILLAGER_HAPPY'
      # Title to warn players of remaining flight time
        # valid placeholders {SECONDS} {MINUTES} {HOURS} {DAYS}
        title: '&cWARNING!'
        subtitle: '&fYou have &c{SECONDS} &fseconds of flight remaining!'
        # Time intervals in seconds to display the title to players.
        # ONLY use numbers
          - 30
          - 15
          - 10
          - 5
        enabled: true
        # If true the action bar will display a progress bar display of remaining time.
        # If false it will display the text.
        progress_bar: false
        text: '&6Flight meter&7: {FORMATTED_TIME}'
    Code (Text):

      prefix:  '&8[&dTemp&fFly&8]'
      reload: '{PREFIX} &aYou reloaded the plugin.'
        - '&8&l------&dTemp&fFly&8&l------'
        - '&6/tf'
        - '&7- Toggle tempfly'
        - '&6/tf time'
        - '&7- View remaining fly time'
        - '&6/tf pay [player] [time]'
        - '&7- send another player fly time'
        - '&6/tf give [player] [time]'
        - '&7- Give a player fly time'
        - '&6/tf remove [player] [time]'
        - '&7- Remove fly time from a player'
        - '&6/tf set [player] [time]'
        - '&7- Set a players fly time'

        time_other: '{PREFIX} &f{PLAYER} &chas no more flight time!'
        time_self: '{PREFIX} &cYou have no more flight time!'
        number: '{PREFIX} &cPlease enter a valid number.'
        player: '{PREFIX} &cThe specified player was not found.'
        permission: '{PREFIX} You have insufficient permissions.'
        command: '&fUnknown command. Type "/help" for help.'
        reciever: '{PREFIX} &cYou cannot pay yourself!'
        sender: '{PREFIX} &cOnly players can use this command!'
        flyer_self: '{PREFIX} &cYou are not flying!'
        zone_self: '{PREFIX} &cYou cannot use tempfly here!'
        zone_other: '{PRFIX} &f{PLAYER} &ccannot currently use tempfly!'
        format: '&f{QUANTITY}&f{UNIT}'
        given_other: '{PREFIX} &f{PLAYER} &agot {FORMATTED_TIME}&a.'
        given_self: '{PREFIX} &aYou recieved {FORMATTED_TIME}&a.'
        removed_other: '{PREFIX} &f{PLAYER} &clost {FORMATTED_TIME}&c.'
        removed_self: '{PREFIX} &cYou lost &f{DAYS}d, {FORMATTED_TIME}&c.'
        sent_other: '{PREFIX} &aYou sent &f{PLAYER}&a {FORMATTED_TIME}&a.'
        sent_self: '{PREFIX} &f{PLAYER} &asent you {FORMATTED_TIME}&a.'
        set_other: '{PREFIX} &f{PLAYER} &ahad their time set to {FORMATTED_TIME}&a.'
        set_self: '{PREFIX} &aYour time was set to {FORMATTED_TIME}&a.'
        max_other: '{PREFIX} &f{PLAYER} &chas reached the maximum allowed time&c!'
        max_self: '{PREFIX} &cYou have reached the maximum allowed time&c!'
        decay: '{PREFIX} &cYou lost {FORMATTED_TIME} &cfor inactivity!'
        first_join: '{PREFIX} &aYou recieved {FORMATTED_TIME} &aof flight time. Fly with &f/tf&a.'
        daily_login: '{PREFIX} &aYou recieved a daily bonus of {FORMATTED_TIME}&a!'
        header: '&8&m--------&dTime&8&m--------'
        player: '&fPlayer&7: &e{PLAYER}'
        days: '&fDays&7: &e{DAYS}'
        hours: '&fHours&7: &e{HOURS}'
        minutes: '&fMinutes&7: &e{MINUTES}'
        seconds: '&fSeconds&7: &e{SECONDS}'
        infinite: '&eUnlimited Time'
        footer: '&8&m-------------------'
        enabled_other: '{PREFIX} &f{PLAYER} &ais now flying'
        enabled_self: '{PREFIX} &aYour flight was enabled!'
        disabled_other: '{PREFIX} &f{PLAYER} &cis no longer flying!'
        disabled_self: '{PREFIX} &cYour flight was disabled!'
        speed_self: '{PREFIX} &aYour fly speed was set to &f{SPEED}&a.'
        cooldown_deny: '{PREFIX} &cYou are currently combat tagged!'
        cooldown_over: '{PREFIX} &aYou are no longer cobat tagged, fly away!'
        infinity: '∞'
        days: '&e{DAYS}&fd '
        hours: '&e{HOURS}&fh '
        minutes: '&e{MINUTES}&fm '
        seconds: '&e{SECONDS}&fs '
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      The plugin has not yet been tested or developed to work with 1.13 servers. I will do my best to ensure you receive a working version soon.
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