Template Plugin - Template for plugin creation 1.0.0

Template for plugin creation - 1.8 - 1.17

  1. Pagination update

    You can easily make list or map pagination

    • Create a pagination
    Code (Java):

    Pagination<T> pagination = new Pagination<T>();
    • Simple pagination
    Code (Java):

    List<T> list = pagination.paginate(List<T> list, int size, int page)
    List<T> list = pagination.paginate(Map<?, T> map, int size, int page)
    • Reverse pagination
    Code (Java):

    List<T> list = pagination.paginateReverse(List<T> list, int size,...
  2. [] Fix InventoryManager - Add getMaterial

    - Fixed an error when creating an inventory
    - Added the getMaterial (int id) to scour the material according to the id, works in all versions of minecraft
  3. [] Add getFormatLongDays in TimerBuilder

    Add getFormatLongDays in TimerBuilder