TemporaryCastration - Limit lags caused by massive farms ! 1.2.4

TemporaryCastration is a simple plugin that allows you to limit massive entities farms.

  1. Lekmerison
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17

    is a very simple plugin that allows Minecraft server administrators to limit massive farms entities.

    You define in the configuration file the raius around the player for which the limit is applied. You also set your maximum number of entities within this radius.

    Actions blocked :
    - Feeding animals
    - Creating Iron & Snow Golems
    - Throwing chicken eggs and spawn eggs
    - Note : the plugin takes into account all the entities of the area (event hostile mobs)

    Installation :
    • Download the plugin
    • Drop it into your "plugins" folder of your server
    • Restart the server
    • Make sure that the activation message appears in console and that configuration is generated properly.

    Code (YAML):

    : 70
    : 16
    : '&4[&6Temporary Castration&4]&2 There are too many entities in this area. Next births will not occur.'
    : '&4[&6Temporary Castration&4] &2You do not have permission to do this.'
    : '&4[&6Temporary Castration&4] &2Configuration reloaded.'

    Commands & Permissions :
    • /tcreload
    Support : https://discord.r0x.fr
    Website : https://r0x.fr
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  1. 1.17 support

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  1. Juleanden_
    Version: 1.2.4
    I am about to start a new SMP with some friends and this may help with some of the inevitable lag! Have yet to test if it works :)