TestVote 1.0

Send test Votifier votes on your server

  1. guyag
    A small utility to allow you to send test Votifier votes, if you are setting up vote rewards or something similar. Makes server setup a lot easier, not having to actually vote every time you want to test something!

    : Permission to send a test vote

    /testvote <player> [options]
    : Send a test vote

    Options are optional. They can include:

    service:<name> : Name of the service from which the vote was sent

    ip:<IP> : The IP of the user who voted on the site.

    Please note for both options, spaces are not permissible.

    For any requests/additions, please comment and I will think about adding them. It's really simple at the moment, not sure what other features might be wanted.

Recent Reviews

  1. SebliYT
    Version: 1.0
    Nice Plugin, funktioniert echt super und bis jetzt ist noch kein fehler aufgetreten. Gute Arbeit !!!