TETR 1.3.1

The familiar yet legally distinct block stacker game

  1. [1.2.1] Skin loading, GUI improvements

    Skins will now save and load properly. You can choose a standard rainbow wool preset (currently hardcoded) or switch to custom skin. (this feature is still unfinished, so the side effect is everyone basically still shares the same skin)

    Slowly improving the old and ugly GUI with standardized locations of buttons (preferably the buttons such as going back or toggling something will be on the borders in future). Still work in progress.

    Gameplay improvements will be silent until further notice, you will have to hypertap till I figure out the best way to implement advanced controls unfortunately. Please use the old way of movement. (hotbar slot 1 for moving left, hotbar slot 2 for moving right)

    Due to lack of testers, I have to upload the plugin without being sure in it's stability. While it certainly won't cause an explosion, be careful and report bugs on whatever scale they are, tiny or big.
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