TETR 1.2.3

The familiar yet legally distinct block stacker game

  1. [1.2.3] New "secret" mode

    Added a secret mode.
  2. [1.2.2] Songs, fixes

    Fixed a fatal bug
    You can now pick what song will play (or still keep it random)
    Player skins are now fully distinct (everything will change according to player's chosen blocks on client-side, one might have wool as blocks, the other concrete, third terracotta/clay...)
  3. [1.2.1] Skin loading, GUI improvements

    Skins will now save and load properly. You can choose a standard rainbow wool preset (currently hardcoded) or switch to custom skin. (this feature is still unfinished, so the side effect is everyone basically still shares the same skin)

    Slowly improving the old and ugly GUI with standardized locations of buttons (preferably the buttons such as going back or toggling something will be on the borders in future). Still work in progress.

    Gameplay improvements will be silent until further...
  4. [1.2] Handling and garbage display

    Amount of incoming garbage will now display on the left side of board.

    Added improved movement (minecraft movement is not the greatest so it most likely won't work as intended even with slightest amount of lag)
    DAS: 4 ticks (12F/200ms)
    ARR: 0
    SDF: MAX
    New left: change from "hotbar slot 1" to "walk left"
    New right: change from "hotbar slot 2" to "walk right"
    There is still the old way of moving the pieces in case the improved one doesn't work.
  5. [1.1.1] Fixes

    All blocks (should) now display properly with no problems
  6. [1.1] Multi version update

    Plugin now supports any version starting from 1.8 and above. If anything breaks report it on github please i tried my best
  7. 1.0 - RELEASE

    Added garbage. (Passthrough/cancelling/display is not added yet). Garbage cap is currently hardcoded to 4.
    The room will recognize whether you are alone or there is someone else inside and turn on garbage accordingly.
    Game now automatically stops after 0/1 player remains alive.
  8. 0.8.4

    Improved piece alignment (now it is aligned to the center when possible)
    And other improvements
  9. 0.8.3

    Added settings tab to finally move your board around! Will be improved later to not be so confusing.
  10. 0.8.2

    A few unnoticeable improvements and bug fixes (most significant being t spin minis that touch walls do not create errors anymore)