Text HealthBar - Customizable 1.4

Shows players health right in the center of their screen!

  1. Customizable!

    With a new config, all parts of the HealthBar are now customizable - except for the numbers!

    • Generates a default config on startup
    • Allows toggling of health scaling, meaning you can show all of your hearts on False or show your hearts display as a % of your total HealthBar on True (with 200 max HP, one heart is equal to 20 HP)
    • Allows toggling of customized HealthBar - want the default? Leave it False. Want to customize it? Turn it to True.
    • Customizable colors of current...
  2. Health Bar Scaling

    Hate when you have over the default amount of health and you have a bunch of health bars on the screen? We now fix that for you. Health bar is now shown as a % of max HP.

    Things to be added:
    • Customizable HP bar
    • Option to turn on and off the HP bar
    • Option to turn on and off health bar scaling
    • Option to change colors
    • Option to change what percentages colors change at
  3. Clarity

    • Added HP besides text to indicate clearly to players that this is HP
    • Used lighter red text for "less than 1/3 HP" readability
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  4. Colors!

    Because who doesn't love seeing colors change as you slowly die?

    • Above 2/3 health, the text will show green.
    • Below 2/3 health and above 1/3 health, the text will show yellow.
    • Below 1/3 health, the text will show red.
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  5. Fixed rounding error

    Updated so health stays more in line with total by fixing rounding error.
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