TextCommand 1.0

This plugin allows you to run commands by writing lines of text!

  1. forkedscript
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    Introduction of Plugin
    This plugin allows creators to play lines of commands such as particles, tellraw, fireworks, etc. by writing a line of text. A simple way to handle things without the use of command blocks and redstone. Simple to configure and use. This was a commission that was requested and the person decided it was cool to upload it on Spigot for other content creators to use.

    How to Use Plugin
    The following is an example of what a text file should look like. The text file should be saved as a .yml file.
    Example Text File - NEW YML FILE COMING SOON

    How to Play
    Here is how you can play the text you've just created.
    Put the show file into the plugin folder, ensure that the title
    of the show inside the .yml file is the same as the file name.

    Go inside the Minecraft game and run the command -
    /show start [ NAME OF YOUR SHOW ]

    Questions or Bugs?

    Head over to my Github and click the link to create an issue thread.
    Or, comment down this resource thread.