Texty - Send Texts/Emails from your server! 1.3

Send texts and emails to users through a simple command. Lots of config options!

  1. Fccardiff
    Welcome to Texty!

    Texty allows you to send texts and emails to your players and/or specified numbers/emails, right from your server! No need to take out the phone or the email client, Texty does it for you!

    Woah, that's amazing. How does it work?
    Texty makes use of cURL requests and APIs to take care of everything for you.

    What features does it have?
    • Ability to send texts to any number (most carriers)
    • Ability to send emails to any number
    • Ability to send texts to ALL players that have specified their number (see limitations)
    • Ability to send emails to ALL players that have specified their email (see limitations)
    • Allow your users to specify email and phone numbers, and store to config
    • Enable MOTD, which alerts players as to how they can set emails and numbers
    • Automatic notification if the server has hit its email/text limit, and configuration values if you get higher limits from the APIs
    • Extreme customization! See config. below.
    What can I use this for?
    • Sending out update news to players!
    • Sending your buddy a text to join the game!
    • Emailing your friends from the server!
    • Giving donators a fun and unique perk!
    • Sending players a notification to come back and try something new!
    • Much, much more!
    • Texty can send up to 75 texts/day, and up to 3 texts to a specified number every 3 minutes. Information on adjusting this limit is included in the configuration.
    • Texty can send up to 400 emails/day, and information on increasing this limit is also included in the config. You're going to need an API account for this (which is free), and setup information is available in the config. It takes around a minute to setup.
    I like to keep everything as customizable as possible. :)
    Code (Text):

    # Notifier Configuration File
    # Unless specifically stated, color codes are supported in all strings.
    # Console Section
    # Basic information that's displayed in the server console
      output: "[Texty] " # Color codes are not supported in console messages.
      enable: "Now enabled."
      disable: "Now disabled."
    # Help section
    # Basic information for the help commands, if a user enters commands incorrectly
      title: "&b=====&6[&Notifier Help&6]&b====="
        - "&c/text send [number] [message] - Sends a text to number"
        - "&c/email send [email] [message] - Sends an email containing message"
        - "&c/number [number] - Sets your number to get notifications"
        - "&c/emailset [email] - Sets your email to get notifications"
        - "&4/sendall [email/text] [msg] - Sends a notification to all users [admin only]"
    # Text section
    # Settings for how texts are sent and notifications to players
    # Some notes about texts:
    # We use the TextBelt API to allow this plugin to send texts. It's a free API.
    # - You can send up to 75 texts per day. If you need more, email [email protected]
    # - You can send up to 3 texts to a number every 3 minutes.
    # - Most carriers in the US are supported, as well as many international carriers.
    # - Some phones might see the text sent as "[email protected]"
    # You don't need any API key or anything to get this working. It should work as a plugin out of the box!
      tag: "&a[Texty] " # Tag sent for notifications (in game, not texts)
      maxTag: "&b[Notify] "
      maxMessage: "&aToo many messages sent! You hit the cap for today."
      sentMsg: "Sent %m to %n" # Sent notification sent to player on server. Allowed: %m (message), and %n (number sent to)
      permission: "text.send" # This permission allows your players to send texts. Defaults to OP/console only.
      max: 75 # Maximum amount of texts you can send daily
    # Email section
    # Settings for how emails are sent and notifications to players
    # We use SendGrid to allow this plugin to send emails to players.
    # You'll need an account. It's free to setup and use: https://sendgrid.com/free
    # Limits are 400 emails a day, or 12,000 emails a month
    # If you need higher limits, you can pay them - plans start at $9.95
    # Note - You must set up a SendGrid account for this. It's free. Then, get an API key here:
    # https://app.sendgrid.com/settings/api_keys
    # And put it in below, along with your username (not your email)
    # The from address is what will appear in the from: box of the email you're sending.
    # The message and email-to variables are sent via the command in-game.
      max: 400 # Maximum amount of emails you can send per day
      maxTag: "&b[Notify] "
      defaultSubject: "Notification from server!" # The subject of the email. You can leave it blank if you want.
      maxMessage: "&aToo many messages sent! You hit the cap for today."
        permission: "email.set"
        tag: "&a[SetEmail] &6"
        message: "Your email has been set to %e, %p!" # You can use %n for number, and %p for player.
      tag: "&a[Maily] " # Tag sent for notifications (in-game) when emails are sent
      sentMsg: "&bSent %m to %e" # Sent notification for mail. %m is message, %e is email.
      permission: "email.send" # This permission allows your players to send emails. Defaults to OP/email only.
        apiUser: "YOUR-SENDGRID-USERNAME" # These default API user/password values will not work, you need your own!
        apiKey: "YOUR-SENDGRID-PASSWORD" # Not your API key. Your SendGrid account password
        from: "[email protected]" # Email from: (can be anything)
    # joinEvents configuration
    # Enables the MOTD, to let players know about the text command
      enabled: true # If the MOTD is enabled
        - "Hey, %p! Did you know that %s allows you to text players with /text, and email with /email?" # MOTD, %s is serverName and %p is playerName
        - "Get started and add your phone number with /number!"
      serverName: "&aCoolCraft Server" # Name of the server running the plugin
      tag: "&b[Notify] &6" # Tag shown on MOTD
    # Various other permissions
      admin: "hasAdmin" # Permission to reload the configuration with /nreload
      crazyoutput: # Should it tell you EVERYONE who you sent a text to and log them to console?
        enabled: true
        logToConsole: true
        logToPlayer: true
        msg: "&6Sent notification to number &c%n &a(%p)" # Color codes allowed,
        # as well as %p for player sent to, and %n for number (or email) sent to
        tag: "[TextAlert] &a" # Tag of output when notifications are sent
      permission: "number.set"
      tag: "&a[SetNumber] &6"
      message: "Your number has been set to %n, %p!" # You can use %n for number, and %p for player.
      permission: "sendall.can" # Allows you to use the /sendall command
      showResponses: true
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    Version: 1.3
    You need to get this fixed as it does not work altogether. It does not send any text message or emails.
  2. augesrob.com
    Version: 1.3
    It does not seem to load plugin in spigot 1.8.8. There is no errors in console, Its like it isn't seen at all.