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Thank those who help you

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
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    When your players help each other, let them thank eachother with the /thank command. This command will give the thanked player some money and perform console commands. Both the money given and the console commands are customizable. The /thank command also has a customizable cooldown. In order to prevent two friends always /thanking eachother instead of players who actually help them, you can set it so that repeated thanking to the same person gives less and less each time. It also has thank4thank detection, and disallows thanking a player if it is considered to be a thank4thank. This will also detect a thank4thank circle involving many players.

    Requires Vault

    Code (Text):

    BaseMoney: 10.00
    # How much to give on the first thank to a player

    RepeatedThankRatio: 0.9
    # >1: Thanking the same player multiple times gives more money each time
    # 1: Thanking the same player multiple times always gives BaseMoney
    # >0 and <1: Thanking the same player multiple times gives less money each time
    # 0: Thanking the same player multiple times will only run ThankCommands
    # <0: Thanking the same player multiple times will tell the player CantThankSamePlayerMessage

    ThankCooldown: 3600
    # Cooldown in order to use /thank again (in seconds)

      - "bcast &a%THANKER% &2just thanked &a%THANKEE%&2%REASON%."

    DenyThankingSameIP: true
    DenyThankingCooldownPlayers: false
    DenyThank4Thank: true

    CooldownMessage: "&cYou cannot use that command for another %TIME%."
    NoPermissionMessage: "&cYou do not have permission to use that command."
    RemindMessage: "&aIf you were just helped, don't forget to /thank the player who helped you."

    ThankbanNonexistingPlayerMessage: "&c%TARGET% has never joined the server."
    ThankbanSuccessfulMessage: "&a%TARGET% has been thankbanned for %TIME%."

    ThanklastNonexistingPlayerMessage: "&c%TARGET% has never joined the server."
    ThanklastPlayerNeverThankedMessage: "&c%TARGET% has never thanked anyone."
    ThanklastSuccessfulMessage: "&a%TARGET% last thanked %TIME% ago."

    ThankcountFromMessage: "&a%THANKER% has thanked %COUNT% times."
    ThankcountToMessage: "&a%THANKEE% has been thanked %COUNT% times."
    ThankcountFromToMessage: "&a%THANKER% has thanked %THANKEE% %COUNT% times."

    CantThankBannedPlayerMessage: "&cYou cannot thank that player because they are thankbanned."
    CantThankOfflinePlayerMessage: "&cYou cannot thank a player who is offline."
    CantThankSelfMessage: "&cYou cannot thank yourself."
    CantThankSamePlayerMessage: "&cYou cannot thank the same player more than once."
    CantThankSameIPMessage: "&cYou cannot thank that player because they share the same IP as you."
    CantThankCooldownMessage: "&cYou cannot thank a player who recently thanked a player."
    CantThank4ThankMessage: "&cYou cannot thank that player because thank4thank has been detected."

    Using /thank: thank.thank
    Providing a reason when thanking: thank.thank.reason
    Getting reminders to /thank people: thank.thank.remind
    Using /thankcount: thank.thankcount
    Using /thankban: thank.thankban
    Using /thanklast: thank.thanklast

    Features planned for next release:
    - A leaderboard command /thanktop
    - A delay before being getting money from being thanked

    Let me know if you would appreciate any of these features or have other feature suggestions.

    I would love to know how each of you use this plugin on your servers. If you could let me know either as a review or in the discussion page, I'd appreciate it. Also if you include your server's IP in there, I might pop in and say hello.

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Recent Reviews

  1. fukuros
    Version: 1.0.3
    Awesome plugin this is great thank you!

    Couldn't have made one better myself.

    Maybe add multi version support.
  2. resolvelife12
    Version: 1.0.2
    I would ask for a version 1.13.2 since I hope it is more stable thanks for creating it I hope your next success
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      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Try Thank 1.0.4 for 1.13.2 support