Thank 1.3

Thank those who help you

  1. 1.3

    - Adds /thankban command which disallows a player to be thanked (requires thank.thankban)
    - Adds /thanklast command to (requires thank.thanklast)
    - Fixes bug where players without the thank.thank or thank.thank.remind permission would be reminded to thank players after saying thanks.
  2. 1.2.1

    Previously, a message containing "thank" would remind people to /thank. I've split that into "thank you" and "thanks", so it should remind people less now.
  3. 1.2

    - Adds an option to remind players to /thank after saying thanks in chat. (Requires thank.thank.remind)
    - Adds /thankcount which gives the ability to check how many times players have thanked eachother (Requires thank.thankcount). The params may be a little tricky so here are three examples
    Code (Text):
    /thankcount from:DrBot
    /thankcount to:DrBot
    /thankcount from:DrBot to:DrBot2
  4. 1.1

    - Adds option to display the reason when thanking. Such as "/thank DrBot for updating the plugin".
    - Adds permissions (thank.thank and thank.thank.reason).
  5. 1.0.5

    Fixes thank4thank detection
  6. 1.0.4

    - Api version down to 1.13 to add legacy support
    - Add Thank4Thank detection. This is intended to be a replacement for disallowing thanking cooldown players.
  7. 1.0.3

    Adds option to disallow thanking a player who is on cooldown (To counter thank4thank)
  8. 1.0.2

    Adds an option to disallow /thanking someone with the same IP
  9. 1.0.1

    - Removes the "0" which gets printed into console when someone /thanks another user
    - Setting RepeatedThankRatio to a number less than 0 will now disable repeated thanking.