The Astral Projection Plugin 1.2.3

Let's you become any mob in Minecraft

  1. JavaGuy
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    • 1.16

    The Astral Projection Plugin is a spigot server plugin allows the player to take control of a Minecraft mobs and use there abilities examples flying, shooting fireballs, exploding and teleporting.

    This is the development status of the mobs. The mobs with no status can probably be used by the player but wont have the mobs abilities. Complex mob like The Ender Dragon and Wither are not supported and do not work. In the future I plan to add them.

    I have the plugin running on my server for people to try it out and test.

    For more information on how to use the plugin visit the wiki. To get started type /get_possession_stick and drink the potion and fly in to the mob you want to control and to leave scroll over and off the milk bucket and to use abilities right click.

    Warning this is an early access version. there are bugs that could damage user data if the server crashes well the player is a ghost the player will lose there inventory.

    I am not responsible for any damages caused by this software.


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  1. SoulStriker_
    Version: 1.2.3
    This looks like a very promising plugin - very unique and fun concept! Keep adding and looking forward to see the progression :)