The Bans - Minecraft 1.8 & 1.7.4 1.4.2

The Bans is a simple plugin to warn players that they should watch out.

  1. spikechris10
    As of today i'm working on the bans project once more :D

    The Bans is a simple plugin, Which warns players that your online and to get ready to be banned!

    This is my first public plugin, So if theres any bugs/problems please report them to me.

    The Bans is a plugin made for minecraft version: 1.7.4 & 1.8

    I know this plugin isnt so useful for big servers or ninja servers, Yes ninja servers... It is my first one so, Its all i could think of as of now,

    The Bans is for admins and mods and owners, To warn the players there being watched, And if they want to be stupid and get banned they can :D

    Commands & Permissions

    /thebans owner = thebans.owner
    /thebans co-owner =
    /thebans admin = thebans.admin
    /thebans mod = thebans.mod
    /thebans helper = thebans.helper
    /thebans head-admin = thebans.hadmin
    /thebans head-mod = thebans.hmod

    (Want your server here? PM me and i might add it!)

Recent Updates

  1. New commands!
  2. Just updated to 1.8
  3. Just added a credits command,