The Bans - Minecraft 1.8 & 1.7.4 1.4.2

The Bans is a simple plugin to warn players that they should watch out.

  1. New commands!

    + /thebans head-admin
    + /thebans head-mod
  2. Just updated to 1.8

    Just updated the plugin to 1.8.
  3. Just added a credits command,

    + Added /thebans credits

    A tiny update but, Its just a hint that we are going to be making more plugins soon.
  4. Just some bug fixes

    Fixed an error with the name that it would say The_Bans and would hava error in the console cause of a space.
    Fixed the /thebans help command, Would not tell you about the helper command.
  5. New helper command

    + Added helper command
    + Fixed the post not saying what minecraft version was

    We are sorry that we didn't say what minecraft version this is for, We forgot, It is 1.7.4 i will now put it on the plugins page as well.