The Chaos Recipe Pack 1.4.2

Craft Mob Eggs + Craft Horse Items + Craft.... Just about EVERYTHING! :D

  1. IrChaos

    Need more recipes? Want to let your players craft otherwise uncraftable items? Found other plugins that are just drag and drop with no permissions that won't do what you need them to do? Well look no further! The Chaos Recipe Pack has everything you need... and then some.

    With The Chaos Recipe Pack, all recipes can be allowed or disallowed through the use of permissions. All permissions are op by default, which means you need to have a permissions system installed to use it. The current list of recipes is quite large, yet uses very little resources in doing its job.

    With an intricate and special method for crafting Mob Eggs and the utilization of many 1.8 items, The Chaos Recipe Pack will stand out above the rest. And with the addition of changing spawners with mob eggs in 1.8, access to mob eggs is quickly becoming a must have. Many other basic recipes are included, such as, saddles, horse armor and name tags. And for the greatest fun... you can craft monster egg blocks to place and let your friends break to give them a silverfish surprise! :D

    Ever wanted to have more use for rotten flesh? Well with The Chaos Recipe Pack, you can smelt flesh into rabbit hide for leather crafting. With even more recipes to be added soon. This plugin goes on and on! So download, install, set up your permissions and make your server that much more fun!

    **Change Log**
    - 1.4.2 - *Added Smelt Permissions*
    What more can I say? Lol
    Thanks to BillyGalbreath for pointing out the error that caused this to be on such a long hold. You can find his plugins by searching his name or anything including the name Pl3x. ;)

    - 1.3.6 - *The Rollback and Make Room Update*
    Removed Spawners in lieu of granting it its own plugin with even better mechanics, get it HERE.
    Removed some unneeded code and failed at getting perms on furnace recipes... maybe next time. :(

    - 1.3.3 - *1.8.6 + Spawner Mechanics*
    Built on Spigot 1.8.6

    Changed spawner mining behavior. When you mine a pig spawner you will now get a spawner. When you mine any other spawner, you will get its egg and a spawner.

    - 1.3.1 - *Bug Fixes*
    Bug fix for crafting recipes. Mob egg recipes were causing issues with vanilla crafting recipes.

    Fixed issue with Monster Block Eggs Permission nodes. All nodes should now work without issues.
    - 1.3.0 - *Added Recipes*
    Added recipe for mob spawner. This spawner is a default pig spawner. Permission node: - chaos.recipe.egg.mobspawner Recipe image added to Eggs section.

    Added a simple spawner mining capability. You can mine a spawner with SilkTouch, with permission node - chaos.recipe.mine.spawner If player does not have this node, it will drop the vanilla Exp Orbs. With this perm, orbs are disabled and player will get the egg of the mob contained within the spawner.

    For an image list of all recipes, click the spoilers below:
    Iron Horse Armor:
    Gold Horse Armor:
    Diamond Horse Armor:
    Flesh to Rabbit Hide:
    Spawn - *This egg is needed to craft all mob eggs!:

    Passive Mobs
    Pig - *Needed to craft Mob Spawner:
    Mooshroom Cow:
    Iron Golem:
    Aggressive Mobs
    Zombie Pigman:
    Cave Spider:
    Silverfish - *This egg is needed for all Monster Block Recipes:
    Magma Cube:
    Cobblestone Monster Block Egg:
    Stone Brick Monster Block Egg:
    Mossy Stone Brick Monster Block Egg:
    Cracked Stone Brick Monster Block Egg:
    Chiseled Stone Brick Monster Block Egg:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Skeleton Head:
    Zombie Head:
    Creeper Head:

    Permissions are located here:
    - chaos.recipe.* -- "Permission for crafting all items in the pack."
    Horse Items:
    -* -- "Permission for crafting all horse items."
    - -- "Permission for Saddle crafting."
    - -- "Permission for Name Tag crafting"
    - -- "Permission for Iron Horse Armour crafting."
    - -- "Permission for Gold Horse Armour crafting."
    - -- "Permission for Gold Horse Armour crafting."

    Smelting Recipe:
    - chaos.recipe.smelt.* -- "Permission for smelting all furnace items."
    - chaos.recipe.smelt.hide -- "Permission for smelting Flesh to Rabbit Hides"

    Mob Eggs:
    - chaos.recipe.egg.* -- "Permission for crafting all Mob Eggs. This includes Monster Block Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.spawn -- "Permission for crafting Spawn Eggs, (main ingredient for all mob eggs)."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.pig -- "Permission for crafting Pig Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.sheep -- "Permission for crafting Sheep Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.cow -- "Permission for crafting Cow Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.chicken -- "Permission for crafting Chicken Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.squid -- "Permission for crafting Squid Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.wolf -- "Permission for crafting Wolf Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.mooshroom -- "Permission for crafting Mooshroom Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.ocelot -- "Permission for crafting Ocelot Eggs."
    - -- "Permission for crafting Horse Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.rabbit -- "Permission for crafting Rabbit Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.villager -- "Permission for crafting Villager Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.golem -- "Permission for crafting Iron Golem Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.bat -- "Permission for crafting Bat Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.creeper -- "Permission for crafting Creeper Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.skeleton -- "Permission for crafting Skeleton Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.spider -- "Permission for crafting Spider Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.zombie -- "Permission for crafting Zombie Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.slime -- "Permission for crafting Zombie Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.ghast -- "Permission for crafting Ghast Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.pigman -- "Permission for crafting Pigman Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.enderman -- "Permission for crafting Enderman Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.cavespider -- "Permission for crafting Cave Spider Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.silverfish -- "Permission for crafting Silverfish Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.blaze -- "Permission for crafting Blaze Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.magmacube -- "Permission for crafting Magma Cube Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.witch -- "Permission for crafting Witch Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.endermite -- "Permission for crafting Endermite Eggs."
    - -- "Permission for crafting Guardian Eggs."

    Monster Block Eggs:
    -* -- "Permission for crafting all Monster Block Eggs."
    - -- "Permission for crafting CobbleStone Monster Eggs."
    - chaos.recipe.egg.brick -- "Permission for crafting Smooth Brick Monster Eggs."
    - -- "Permission for crafting Mossy Smooth Brick Monster Eggs."
    - -- "Permission for crafting Cracked Smooth Brick Monster Eggs."
    - -- "Permission for crafting Chiseled Smooth Brick Monster Eggs."

    - chaos.recipe.records.* -- "Permission for all records"
    - -- "Permission for Gold Record"
    - -- "Permission for Green Record"
    - chaos.recipe.records.3 -- "Permission for Record_3"
    - .....4
    - .....5
    - .....6 and so on to - chaos.recipe.records.12 " :D " Surely you get the picture. I may finish those out later on when I have more coffee. lol

    - chaos.recipe.skull.* -- "Permission to craft all heads"
    - chaos.recipe.skull.skeleton -- "Permission for skeleton head"
    - chaos.recipe.skull.zombie -- "Permission for zombie head"
    - chaos.recipe.skull.creeper -- "Permission for creeper head"

    Permissions Note:
    The * node may be used and than negate what you don't want. For Example with PEX permissions system:
    - chaos.recipe.*
    - -chaos.recipe.egg.villager
    - -chaos.recipe.egg.golem

    Add More Smelting Recipes
    Fix Perms for Smelting Recipes Completed!
    Add Music Disc Recipes Completed!
    Add Creeper, Skeleton and Zombie Head Recipes Completed!
    Add Spawner Recipe... and possible simple spawner mining??? Moved and Improved!
    *Chaos Spawners has replaced this feature, get it HERE*
    Recipe Book, GUI for looking up recipes. Cancelled. Project is currently being built as a GUI Recipe Book for all Minecraft recipes and Chaos Recipe Pack recipes. :D

    If you have any suggestions, please post them in the discussion area so that we may discuss them.

    Know Issues:
    None at this time! :)

    Final Notes:
    The Chaos Recipe Pack - ChaosRecipes.jar should be compatible with all 1.8 builds. If you have any issues, let me know in the discussion section.

    If you enjoy the plugin, please leave a review. Do not leave negative reviews just because the plugin lacks a feature you think it should have. Instead post the feature in the discussion section so that I may add them to the plugin. And as always... donations are much appreciated, it takes a lot of coffee to get out of bed these days. Enjoy! :)


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Recent Reviews

  1. SrFox3999_YT
    Version: 1.4.2
    Epic, but i don't found the config.yml. It exist? And please show the photografies. It says IMG and I can't know how are the recipes ;(
  2. Sollembum78
    Version: 1.4.2
    Awesome, just what I needed - craftable spawners, since 52:id is removed from 1.8. Can you please add customizable craft recipes for spawners and eggs?
    1. IrChaos
      Author's Response
      Eggs are craftable with this plugin, The recipe is quite complex and requires a series of crafting to make it a little harder for your players to get the eggs. I removed the spawner in favor of a full plugin dealing with mining spawners. You can find it in my signature, the plugin is called ChaosSpawners. I did this in order to keep from breaking the plugin when used together.
  3. PTsandro
    Version: 1.4.2
    This is such a good and usefull plugin! Tks man !
  4. Creepy_Crawlers
    Version: 1.4.2
    I really enjoy this plugin. I really love the crafting of mob eggs. By the way, EW!!!!!
  5. xXINeoIXx
    Version: 1.4.2
    Very Nice Plugin :) must have!
    1. IrChaos
      Author's Response
      Thank you. Good reviews are what we are in it for. :D
  6. xSander_
    Version: 1.2.1
    this is an awesome plugin man i like it :D
    1. IrChaos
      Author's Response
      Thanks, glad you enjoy it. :D
  7. Avixk
    Version: 1.2.1
    Fantastic! More servers need this!
    1. IrChaos
      Author's Response
      I couldn't agree more. Lol