The Chaos Recipe Pack 1.4.2

Craft Mob Eggs + Craft Horse Items + Craft.... Just about EVERYTHING! :D


    ChaosRecipes has hit 100 Downloads! Oh and I got the images back up... sorry bout that. :D
  2. Added Permissions to Smelting Recipes.

    As the title says. Thanks to BillyGalbreath for showing me the errors of my ways. lol. :D
  3. Chaos Spawners Compatibility Fix.

    This fixes the error with Chaos Spawners when used with this plugin during cage crafting. ** Not Urgent unless you are using Chaos Spawners **
  4. Fix for Horse Item Permissions

    Just a small bug fix for the permissions for horse items crafting.
  5. More Recipes!!!!

    Added Records and Heads to the recipes.
    Added recipes and permissions for new recipes to plugin overview page. Enjoy. :)
  6. The Rollback and Make Room Update

    Removed spawner mining and crafting in lieu of granting it its own plugin with even better mechanics, get it HERE. I promise, it is 10x what the old one was, yet still just as lightweight! :D

    Removed some unneeded code and failed at getting perms on furnace recipes... maybe next time. :(
  7. 1.8.6 Update + New Spawner Mining Mechanics. :D

    Built on Spigot 1.8.6

    Changed spawner mining behavior. When you mine a pig spawner you will now get a spawner. When you mine any other spawner, you will get its egg and a spawner.
  8. Bug FIxes

    Fixed a few permission bugs that were blocking vanilla recipes.

    Fixed Monster Block Egg permissions. All permissions should work correctly now.
  9. Update! Added Spawner Mining and Spawner Crafting.

    Added Spawner Mining with SilkTouch. Gives back egg when broken with permission: chaos.recipe.mine.spawner

    Added Mob Spawner recipe: chaos.recipe.egg.mobspawner