The Chat Bot (No longer updating) 1.3

Simply made bot that uses PlaceHolderAPIs to make your server a fun interactive place.

  1. Triston
    >>> Interacting responsive bot! <<<
    >>> Simple to use, easy bot! Requires PlaceHolderAPI <<<
    Click here for PlaceHolderAPI.jar

    Simple and low weight with easy to use configuration
    Code (Text):
    bot-prefix: '&c[&4BOT&c]'

    # NOTE: if the message in the player: catagory is contained inside the message the bot will respond!

    # Placeholders: uses placeholderAPI


        player: 'Hello bot!'
        - '&cHello &b%player%&c!'
        random: false
        #Broadcasted for true, to player for false
        to-server: true
        contains-message: false
        permission: 'bot.whatever'
        player: 'Bot, whats my balance?'
        - '&cYour balance is &b%vaulteco_balance%'
        - 'Have fun with your money!'
        random: true
        to-server: false
        contains-message: true

    >>> Features <<<
    This plugin includes a random selector, which gives you an option to make the bot choose a random message out of a list of messages you put under the bot section of the bot command. These commands don't require the / so they're much easier to use. It's interactive and you can choose if it responds to the player or to the server. The contains-message feature allows you to decide if you want it to run if the player message contains something, but if it's false the player messages has match the set command exactly.

    >>> upcoming! <<<
    Adding a lot of new features in future updates including:
    Particle effect > will display when the command is fired
    Command delay > Delays the usage on using commands
    Sound effect > plays a sound after the command is used

    Perform commands > performs a list or a single command when the bot command is used

    All perms are set in the config, if you're using this command just pm me and I'll display your server along with any others in a section of this page!

    Make sure to donate for this amazing plugin to help me keep updating it with new and amazing features! :D [​IMG]

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Recent Updates

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  2. Added a random option
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Recent Reviews

  1. Gimmes
    Version: 1.3
    Excellent developer and excellent plugin!

    Dev. is new to making plugins but has already made great things!
    1. Triston
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Yeah only been coding for a month, I hope to post a crates plugin similar to the CosmosPVP December crates thing soonish
  2. BlazeFatality
    Version: 1.3
    I hope you can add a feature to let the bot reply to you when the keyword is typed instead of 100% from the config.
    1. Triston
      Author's Response
      I'm adding that soon, there will be a not found message list you can add, the keyword will be a string setup in the beginning, I hope when I add that you will up your review :) thank you for your feedback.