The Emerald Bank 1.0.6

a simple emerald based economy

  1. klugemonkey
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    The Emerald Bank 1.0.6


    The Emerald Bank provides a simple emerald based economy compatible with Vault in Spigot. Players balances consist of both a bank balance and physical emerald gems and blocks on-hand.

    • Easy to use and very little configuration
    • Pay for items with emerald you have in your bank and if not enough pay with the emerald on your person.
    • Players can deposit emerald on-hand into their emerald bank account.
    • Players can withdraw emerald from their emerald bank account to their inventory.
    • Emerald gems are the base denomination, Emerald blocks are 9x just like in game.
    • Admins can add, remove or set emerald for players.
    • Vault compatible for online and offline transactions.
    • Stores emerald bank balances directly in persistent player data
    • PlaceholderAPI integration for %balance%, %balance_in_bank%, and %balance_on_hand%.
    /bank - check your balance
    /bank balance - check your balance
    /bank deposit - deposit emerald in hand
    /bank deposit all - deposit all emerald in inventory
    /bank withdraw <amount> - withdraw amount of emerald
    /bank withdraw all - withdraw all your emerald
    /bank transfer <player> <amount> - transfer to player amount of emerald
    /bank add <player> <amount> - add amount of emerald to player balance
    /bank remove <player> <amount> - remove amount of emerald from player balance
    /bank set <player> <amount> - set player's balance
    /bank balance <player> - get a player's balance
    /bank reload - reloads the configuration

    bank.balance - enables using the bank balance command (default: true)
    bank.deposit - enables using the bank deposit (default: true)
    bank.withdraw - enables using the bank withdraw command (default: true)
    bank.transfer - enables using the bank transfer command (default: true)
    bank.add - enables using the bank add command (default: op)
    bank.remove - enables using the bank remove command (default: op)
    bank.set - enables using the bank set command (default: op)
    bank.balance.others - enables using the bank balance <player> command (default: op)
    bank.reload - enables using the bank reload command (default: op)
    Known Issues:
    Players that do /withdraw all on a large bank balance might cause lag.

    Terms of Service:
    The plugin is provided AS-IS.

    This plugin currently only supports versions 1.13+. It uses NMS methods so features will break if used with other versions of Minecraft than intended.

    It takes a lot of tasty coffee to keep cranking out quality code.
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