The End Protector V0.5

Prevent The End main island being demolished by players, while still being able to fight the dragon.

  1. Engineer9736
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    A Spigot plugin which prevents the main island of Minecraft's "The End" dimension from being demolished by players, while still being able to fight the dragon without limitations.

    Dependencies: CoreProtect (for rollback functionality)

    If the Ender Dragon is not alive, then the players cannot adjust any blocks on the main island. The only exception is that End Crystals can be placed on the Exit Portal to be able to spawn the dragon.

    If the Ender Dragon is alive, then the players can adjust all blocks to be able to do the necessary to fight the Ender Dragon. For example pillaring up the obsidian towers to destroy the End Crystals.

    When the Ender Dragon has been beaten, or there are no players on the main island for 5 minutes, all block changes are reverted, and if the dragon is still alive then it will be removed.

    If you are operator ingame, then you can use the following test/debug commands:
    removedragon: Remove the dragon without the beaten sequence.
    spawndragon: Spawn the dragon
    killdragon: Kill the dragon inc. beaten sequence.
    goto_end: Teleport yourself to The End.
    goto_overworld: Teleport yourself to the overworld.
    rollbacktest: Run the rollback function. Note that the dragon needs to have been spawned once. Otherwise the plugin doesn't know what time to rollback to.

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Recent Reviews

    Version: V0.5
  2. PurrfectMistake_
    Version: V0.5
    Fantastic work. Great plugin! I updated it to 1.17 for personal use w/ the sourcecode. idk what the others were on about I had others test and it was fine.

    No issues whatsoever.
  3. John2020
    Version: V0.4
    Great idea! If only it worked. Seems like with world guard it lets you build in every region. This would be an awesome way to protect the end with out taking away functionality. Will change my review once it's fixed!
  4. Sixsoul
    Version: V0.4
    Wow, just, I hate this plugin. It seemed great at first until I realized it intercepts and cancels every single block place and block break protection event, making all region protection in EVERY SINGLE WORLD useless. My players raided EVERYTHING because I didn't realize this. Thanks.
  5. NightOwlOO
    Version: V0.2
    Really useful stuff! I've decided to use it for the server that I have with friends and they can get a little wild.
    1. Engineer9736
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Great to hear it's a help for your server