The Game of Life 2021-06-24

Conway's Game of Life, comes to life in minecraft!

  1. Teamprime
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.17
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    A simple yet beautiful initial seed.

    This plugin allows you to watch Conway's game of life unfold in your own Minecraft world!

    Simply use the /gol <size> command to create a starting board where the game will unfold. Replace any blocks with white wool to choose the starting state. Finally, use /golstart <tick speed> to watch your creation come to life.

    The /gol command supports any block. Simply input the dead cell block type followed by the live cell block type. The plugin defaults to black and white wool.

    You can stop the game by using /golstart again. This allows you to edit the board after the game has already started.

    There can only be one game board for each server as of now. The board and block settings are global.

    I recommend doing this in a new world. The plugin *will* replace any blocks in its way. Superflat is recommended.

    Thank you for looking at my plugin! It's my first one ever, and I don't have much experience. Let me know if you liked it and what should be improved. I know of a few QOL improvements I could make but I'm happy with the state the plugin is in for it being my first one.

    Watch it in action: