The Gate 0.1.11-2mc1.16.5

A Stargate Plugin

  1. EndMy5uffering
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    • 1.16
    donner2, lukas123313
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    The Gate (Supports Bungee)
    Version Info:
    Currently the pluign works 1.16.4 and 1.16.5.
    The current top version is for 1.16 if you want the 1.15 updates go to the Version History and look for a version with mc1.15 at the end.

    As a fan of the TV series Stargate and all the mods and other plugins related to it, I thought it would be greate to have a Stargate plugin in the newest Minecraft version. This plugin features a way more detailed looking Stargate(see pictures below) then all other plugins I found as refference.

    Keep in mind that the plugin is still in development.



    If you are not familiar with the TV series Stargate let me explain:
    The Stargates are basically teleporters but then they are so much more.
    You can use the DHD (Dialing Home Device) to dial different gates and teleport by stepping through the event horizon(just step through the ring).

    How to setup your own gate network:

    If you have the permission then you can use /gatetools to open up the convenient tools GUI. In this GUI you will find 4 items (Feather: "GateCreator_Tool"; Blaze rod: "GateEditor_Tool"; Book: "Abydos Cartouche"; Fire charge: "IDC Transmitter"), that you can drag to your inventory for further use.


    Feather ("GateCreator_Tool"):
    By right clicking a block the "Address assing GUI" will open and you can set the address of your gate by hand or use the random button to get a random address not yet assingt to any other gate.
    Upon accepting the address the gate will appear at the location you clickt on. You will get a gate crystal form the next GUI that will show up, after the creation is done, which can be used on a "Lectern" to turn it into a DHD (the Lectern will not change its appearance). If you want to relocate the DHD, right click in the air near a gate(10 block radius) to get a new gate crystal.


    Blaze rod ("GateEditor_Tool"):
    The "GateEdit_Tool" can be used on a gate directly by right clicking the DHD ("Lectern") to customize the individual settings of this specific gate or by right clicking in the air to edit all gates at once.
    As for the current editorial options:

    On just one gate:

    -You can lock and unlock the gate for travel (if locked, you can not use the gate neither to dial in nor out)
    -You can remove the gate ring if your server experiences some performance issues.
    -You can repair the gate if some of its parts have gone missing(due to loading issues or despawn of the entitys that make up the gate)
    -You can remove the gates event horizon if its active, or if its not despawing properly (this also closes the connection between two gates)
    -You can remove the gate entirely (this will also remove the gate form the gate network)
    -You can teleport to the gate
    -You can customize the makeup of the gate by simply replacing the blocks in the last row of the GUI. To accept the customization, just click on the Redstone torch

    Gate Networks:

    -Currently you can choose from five different networks (Global, Milkyway, Pegasus, Universe, Ida)
    -If you set your gate to be in the Global network you have the option to set a secondary network which in turn allows gates of the second network as well as the global network to dial this gate
    -Gates can only dial each other if their Primary or Secondary network are the same


    On all Gates:

    -You can save/ load the gate network
    -You can repair all gates at once [THIS MIGHT CAUSE SOME LAG OR EVEN CRASH YOU SERVER IF THERE ARE TO MANY GATES (during testing I used up to 40 gates on a local server and it just barely made it)]
    -You can remove all gate rings(this dose not lag as much)
    -You can clear the gate list
    -You can cut all gate connecitons



    Book ("Abydos Cartouche"):
    With this tool you can see all the available gates and open up ther individual edit GUIs.

    One possible gate setup:


    Fire charge ("IDC Transmitter"):
    This item will open up a UI when standing close to an active Stargate that is dialing out. In this UI you can type in the IDC code of the other gate to open up the iris remotly. The state of the iris is indicated by the concrete blocks on the right side of the UI.

    DHD functions:

    -To dial a Gate use the symbols on the DHD
    -If you locked in all seven Symbols you can activate the Gate by clicking the Redstone block
    -If you have the permission to use Quick dial you can select a Gate from the next GUI to dial this gate (The dialing animation will be skipped)

    -If a Gate is dialing or has an open connection you can use the dialing button (Redstone block) to close the Gate or stop the Dialing process

    -If you are owner of the gate or listed as a coowner of the gate you can activate or deactivet the iris in the DHD GUI



    If you want to move the DHD you need another gate crystal which you can get by using the GateCreate_Tool(Right click in the air) to open up the GateCrystalGUI. Using the Crystal like before on a different Lectern will move the gates dialing funcions onto the new selected Lectern.

    Current Commands and Permissions can be found on the wiki on github

    If you have questions, suggestions or want to test the newest version before its release on spigot you can join our Discord server:

    Support Discord server:


    Partnered Servers:



Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. Kiinderman
    Version: 0.1.10-3mc1.16.4
    Good evening! Congratulation to the creator, because this plugin is just amazing! The sound effects, the animation of the chevrons locking, the turning ring, intelligence to use a lectern to integrate the console like in the serie to enter the code! (quite logical because when you look at it is the perfect block) and it goes until the animation of the engagement of the rafters and EVEN until the animation of the water and the iris! He has thought of everything! It is a faithful representation and without any fashion! Just amazing framework code and it goes right down to the adaptability of the resource pack. Frankly well done!You can download closed eyes if you want a great portal or if you just love stargates (perfect if you are both)
  2. Mavhill
    Version: 0.1.10-2mc1.16.3
    Excellent work, I am most amazed by the creativity and texturing work not to mention the attention to detail. Smooth operation, easy to use but still has a lot to offer in customization for personal taste.
  3. Athame
    Version: 0.1.9-1mc1.16.2
    Worked excellently, and the developer is very helpful, and he accepts ideas and fixes your problems.
    :)))))))))))) thank you for everything
  4. LegoTown
    Version: 0.1.9-1mc1.16.2
    i just notice i didnt left a revieuw yet .. how inforgiveble .. becouse this is one of the most importand plugins on my Bungee MultiServerSingleGamemode setup. running very smooth also thanks to the fast and great support. a plugin you must try and love
  5. DBDontBlink
    Version: 0.1.9mc1.16.2
    Dude you better respond now lol keep up the good work bro very happy with what has been done
    1. EndMy5uffering
      Author's Response
      :D Thx for your revew ill definitively will ceep it up since there are so many more things to do or that can be done :D
  6. DBDontBlink
    Version: 0.1.8-2mc1.16
    Amazing plugin running it off my server and so the owner knows who this is its me ionixxz of Xero Genesys
    1. EndMy5uffering
      Author's Response
      Thx for the revew :D
  7. Domavatus
    Version: 0.1.8-1
    This is the best Stargate themed plugin ever.
    Everytning works as expected and gates looks amazing.
    Excelent work, EndMy5uffering
  8. Zoidiano
    Version: 0.1.8-1
    Great progress so far, I hope in the future that you can add the portal style of Atlantis, or the Iris.
  9. Tryvalien
    Version: 0.1.8-1
    Yes, I love Stargate too, i have always use this kind of plugins since 10 years old now on my server, but yours is the better ever !! Great Job. I hope you will continue to develop it, with, why not, custom sound, iris animation etc, it will be more great ... but its already top, thx ;)
  10. Mr_B3n
    Version: 0.1.8
    Great Plugin, Fantastic - Works like a charm. Works bungee cord extremely well. Keep up good work
    Khaos Craft