The Gate 0.1.5s1

A Stargate Plugin

  1. Bug fix

    [Build]: 0.1.5

    Bug fix:
    -Error resolved for multiworld support (error on gate creation)
  2. Offset TP and Language support

    [Build]: 0.1.5

    New features:
    -Offset Teleprotation
    -Gate Crystal GUI can now be accessed via right click with the feather(Gate create tool) in the air the closest gate will be selected. NOTE you have to be within 10 blocks of a gate!
    -Added Language file
    -Networks can be renamed and added via the config.
    -Worlds can be used as default networks for new gates(can be chagend in the config)
    -Sounds can now be adjusted in the config
    -Speed adjustment for dialing animation in config

    Bug fix:...
  3. Animation

    [Build]: 0.1.4
    New features:
    -Dialing animation
    -Horizon animation
    -Sound effects
    -Gate exclusion zone
    -DHD now showes dialed address in the GUI
    -By pressing the dial button again during dialing will cancel the dialing process or close an open connection
    Other improvements:
    -More config options
    The save files have change again. Due to a bug the chunks were not correctly saved resulting in an error during dialing!
  4. Featurs and bug fixes

    [Build]: 0.1.3
    New features:
    -Quick dial

    Bug/ Error fixes:
    -Gate horizon not despawning after dialing fixed

    Other improvements:
    -New save format .yml
    -all gates will shut down when the server is stopping/ reloaded

    New Permission:

    Old saves will stop working(again)
  5. Major Update 0.1.2

    [Build]: 0.1.2

    New features:
    - Permissions (are listed in config.yml)
    - New config options
    - Barriers at the bottom of the gate
    - Toggleable barriers via config
    - Gate ownership
    - Gate networks
    - Gate private setting
    - Config reload command
    - Abydoscartouche location toggable (config)
    - Abydoscartouche permission based gate visibility

    Bug/ Errors fixes:
    - Error while saving all gates, due to missing DHD data
    - Error while deleating armor_stands (nullpointer exception)(Edit all...
  6. Added config file

    Now you can edit the default material for the gate in the config file
  7. Correct spelling

    Just corrected some of the incorrect spelling