The Hunters 1.0

A Minecraft mini game has a target and 6 hunters. Prove that you can't be hunted!

  1. The game became stable

    • add an option to disable join warning
    • add survive time to the target scoreboard
    • add countdown option to customize restart cooldown
    • add an option to disable creating/using copy worlds
    Bug Fixes
    • Lobby doesn't teleport the player to the safe world
    • Game won't start after a player quits
    • Worlds manager wasn't reading dev options
    • Hunter gets the kit when another dies
    • Players not being able to teleport to another dimension
    • Gameplay scoreboard doesn't update player-list health
    • Hunter doesn't get the kit after respawn
    • Player health is not updated in tablist
    • Unable to teleport to nether or the end
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