With this plugin you will be able to group money per group of world.

  1. Patfreeze
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:

    This mod depend on plugin. With this plugin you will be able to group money per group of world.

    Exemple group :
    Code (Text):

      - world
      - world_nether
      - world_the_end
      - prison
      - adventure1
      - adventure2
    So here we have the first group "default" that include 3 worlds. So players traveling to each world in "default" will keep the same money. MagicalMe! :love:

    Second group "prisonGroup" that only have the world "prison" have its own money. Etc...

    Exemple data Player :
    Code (Text):

      Name: Patfreeze
      LastConnection: '201804011907'
      default: 2376.83
      prisonGroup: 9.0
    If you look closer, you will notice that group "Adventure" is not in the player file of Patfreeze. Dont worry! This mean Patfreeze does'nt yet go to one of this group of world.

    When Patfreeze will go to one of them, that will create automatically is balance.

    When you start this plugin for the first time and a player login. A backup file named backupVault will be created with all players data from vault. This file is there just in case.
    By default all world will be send to the group "default" if in config file "newWorldInDefault" is true. If not each world will have is own group. :eek:

    Command :
    /themultiworldmoney help
    - The main help

    /themultiworldmoney group
    - This will list all world in all group

    /themultiworldmoney group add [GROUPNAME]
    - Add groups

    /themultiworldmoney group move [WORLDNAME] [GROUPNAME]
    - Move World to a new group

    /themultiworldmoney group delete [GROUPNAME]
    - Delete group Worlds will in default

    /themultiworldmoney player [PLAYERNAME] list
    - List of money by group

    /themultiworldmoney player [PLAYERNAME] [GROUP] deposit [AMOUNT]
    - deposit to this group

    /themultiworldmoney player [PLAYERNAME] [GROUP] withdraw [AMOUNT]
    - withdraw from this group

    /themultiworldmoney player [PLAYERNAME] [GROUP] set [AMOUNT]
    - set exact money to this group

    Goals for this mod :
    Make your server a better world! ;)

    Hope this will help a lot of server. ;)


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