The New Chat

A new take on chat channels.

  1. creatorfromhell
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    • 1.13
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    The New Chat plugin is a chat management plugin that allows you to create new chat channels using a simple configuration. This plugin is aimed as a replacement for TownyChat, but may be used as a general chat channel plugin. It also features an API to allow other plugins to add support for their own channel, and variable types.


    • API
      • Add new Chat Handlers for your plugin
      • Add new Chat Types for existing handlers.
      • Add new Chat Channels for your plugin
      • Add addition variable types to existing handlers.
    • Ability to configure global chat to be world-based, radial, ignorable, or locked off to users without a specific permission node.
    • Ability to create numerous chat channels.
      • Channels may be radial
      • Channels may be world-based
      • Channels may be ignorable
      • Channels may have numerous access commands
      • Channels may have custom configurations
    • Ability to use PAPI Placeholders in channel formatting, including general chat.

    Built-In Chat Types & Variables
    The chat types, and variables provided by default may be found here.

    Permission nodes for TNC may be found here.

    - Discord

Recent Updates

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  2. Release 1.4
  3. The New Chat 1.3