The New Chat

A new take on chat channels.

  1. Release 1.5

    Fixed an issue with formatting with percent signs.
  2. Release 1.4

    Fixed an issue where chat commands weren't being registered properly.
  3. The New Chat 1.3

    - Made /leave, /ignorechannel persistent across restarts.

    Why did the file size increase since the last release?
    Unfortunately, Bukkit/spigot doesn't come with h2 prepacked so we have to pack it as a dependency ourselves.
  4. Version

    • Moved non-core handlers to their respective plugins.
    • Added replacements.
      • Located in chats.yml, these allow you to replace regex-supported strings with a given value.
    • Fixed issue with /gc and /generalchat
  5. Version

    We support a function we notate as "separators" in TNC. Separators allow you to add optional text after a variable if the
    variable is not empty/whitespace.

    If you're using the Towny provider and want to output a separator after a $nation variable you could do so using a separator.

    Code (Text):
    [{$nation: | }$town]$display: $message
    The above format would output "[<nation name> | <town name>]username: message" if $nation is not empty/whitespace....