The New Chat

A new take on chat channels.

  1. The New Chat 1.3

    - Made /leave, /ignorechannel persistent across restarts.

    Why did the file size increase since the last release?
    Unfortunately, Bukkit/spigot doesn't come with h2 prepacked so we have to pack it as a dependency ourselves.
  2. Version

    • Moved non-core handlers to their respective plugins.
    • Added replacements.
      • Located in chats.yml, these allow you to replace regex-supported strings with a given value.
    • Fixed issue with /gc and /generalchat
  3. Version

    We support a function we notate as "separators" in TNC. Separators allow you to add optional text after a variable if the
    variable is not empty/whitespace.

    If you're using the Towny provider and want to output a separator after a $nation variable you could do so using a separator.

    Code (Text):
    [{$nation: | }$town]$display: $message
    The above format would output "[<nation name> | <town name>]username: message" if $nation is not empty/whitespace....