The New Economy Lite

A lightweight version of The New Economy.

  1. creatorfromhell
    The New Economy Lite
    Please Note: This project is in Alpha stage, and may therefore contain multiple bugs. Please report any bugs you find.

    The New Economy Lite is a lightweight version of the feature-packed economy plugin, The New Economy. TNELite will focus on providing a strong API along with custom events to allow plugins to extend its functionality when need be.

    Basic Information
    Some basic information you might want to look over.

    Default Configurations

    Current Features

    1. Administration
      1. Ability to check a player's balance
      2. Ability to give/take money from players
    2. API Features
      • Vault Integration
      • Plugin Metrics
      • Standard API
    3. Auto Saving
      • Ability to enable/disable
      • Ability to set custom save interval
    4. Currency System
      • Singular and Plural Name Support
      • Ability to check your balance
      • Ability to give players money
      • Ability to pay people money from your own balance
      • Ability to have items as currency
      • Ability to have different currencies per-world
      • Ability to have a major and minor currency
    5. Language Support
      • Ability to change the default TNE messages
    6. Multiple Database Support
      • MySQL
      • SQLite
      • Regular FlatFile
    7. Multi-World Support
      • Ability to set configurations per world
      • Ability to have balances set per-world
    8. Minecraft UUID Support
      • The New Economy Lite keeps your users' data even if they change their username!
    9. MISC
      • Update Checker
    • Vault(optional)

    To acces the API import the jar file(TNE.jar) then use the following code:
    Code (Text):

    In the following example we'll get a player's balance using the API.

    Code (Text):
    TNEAPI ecoAPI = TNE.instance.api;

Recent Reviews

  1. Ephysios
    Nice lite version but please add mysql support

    1. creatorfromhell
      Author's Response
      It has MySQL support, but honestly the amount of people that use TNELite are the reason why the last update was in November 2015 And the record for servers is 2 concurrent.