The Piggy Bank 1.2.6

a simple custom item based economy

  1. mySQL Support / Bug Fixes

    This release adds mySQL support in order to allow multi-server support. You can enable in the config.yml as well as setup the database and authentication settings.

    Note: switching between persistent data storage and mySQL does not convert data from one format to the next. Balances may be zero if the backend is used for the first time.

    This release also defaults to using the minecraft:dead_bush instead of the minecraft:poisonous_potato for the example in order to prevent eating...
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  2. Fractional Currency Values

    This release implements support for currency values that are less than 1 and greater than 0.

    This is not normally necessary in an item based economy where the base value is always 1, but the capability is implemented nonetheless.

    Currency amounts could be fractional if the base item could be comprised with smaller items. For example, if your currency is called leather, your base item of leather would have a value of . But you might setup a currency item for rabbit hide that is 1/4 of the...
  3. Bug Fix

    Fixed an issue where paying/transferring an amount to another player would not consider coins in inventory.
  4. Bug Fixes

    This release fixes an issue where the entire balance of both in-hand and in-bank was used instead of just the in-bank balance when using /withdraw all.

    This release fixes an issue where the locale might not be properly used for setting the default group and decimal separators for numbers.

    This release fixes an issue where the message was not displaying the currency name. It now uses the "currency" in the text.

    This release fixes an issue where localization...
  5. Critical Bug Fix! [Please Update]

    Fixes exploit.
  6. Bug Fixes

    This release fixes the reported issue of the config.yml adding the default currencies when restarted, and with a custom currency without a custom model data storing one with a zero value. The latter would make it impossible to use regular items as a currency since a currency item with a custom model data of zero would not match a regular item without any custom model data.
  7. Support for Multiple Currency Items

    This release adds support for multiple customizable currency items. The intent of adding this support was support use cases where multiple items represent the same kind of currency, or different sizes of a currency and are represented with vanilla minecraft items or customized items.

    In the other *bank plugins, there is support for specific currency types like iron, gold, emeralds and diamonds. These work well since you have increments of a single currency type. However, combining all of...
  8. Bug Fix & Currency Item Attributes

    This release fixes an entry in the locale file that was overlooked when I updated and resulted in a value not being populated for
    the key.

    This release also adds the name, lore and enchantments keys to the currency section of the config.yml in order to define a custom currency item with these attributes. The default config.yml was updated with an example.

    Note: If you define a custom currency using any of the attributes other than the item type, players may not be...
  9. Locale Fixes & Aliases

    This release fixes some issues with population of translations in the locale file and adds some command aliases.

    Locale Fixes

    This release fixes a couple of messages that were not properly populated with the values as specified in the locale file. It also removes a few values from being displayed in some locale strings for clarity. Finally, entries in the locale file for command usage was added to allow for translation.

    If you are using a customized or modified locale file, you will...
  10. Bug Fix for Permissions

    Fixes the permissions issue. Permissions should properly use the piggybank.* defined permissions now.