The Thing [Minigame] v2.1

Survivors are trapped in an area. And one of them is not human...

  1. Hex_27
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    Survivors are trapped in an area. And one of them is not human...
    A new minigame, where the players are survivors, and one player is "the Thing", disguised as a survivor.

    • At least three players per arena.
    • One player starts as the "Thing". The others are "Humans"
    • The Thing can change its form into a player, and back into a "Thing".
    • The Thing's form has more damage and small regeneration, but is slower, and cannot jump or break blocks. Zombies will not attack Things while they are in their thing form. Things also gain a zombie egg every few seconds, in both its forms.
    • Humans have dig speed. Zombies will target the humans.
    • Players can mine iron ore to get iron ingots. These ores will regenerate over a short time.
    • Iron ingots can be used to craft better armor.
    • Killing zombies give rotten flesh, and rotten flesh can be used to craft Food, which heals the player by 5 hearts upon use. Rotten flesh restores a small amount of hunger without giving the hunger effect.
    • When a Human dies to a zombie, another Human, or by non-Thing causes, the Human is kicked from the arena.
    • When a Human dies to a Thing, the human becomes a Thing as well.
    • Game ends when everyone left is a Human, or everyone left is a Thing

    • Java 7 and above
    • Spigot for Minecraft 1.8+

    • Simple, straightforward setup
    • Unique minigame you'll find nowhere else!
    • Multi Arena support
    • Arena name (Case insensitive) support
    • Full language translation (Except admin commands)
    • Arena join/leave signs
    • Custom crafting system for the minigame alone! Owners can add new items to the crafting GUI!
    • Zombie spawns to enhance gameplay experience
    • ActionbarAPI support
    Arena Setup
    1. Do /thething create [arenaname]
    2. Setup warps with /thething setwarp [type]
    3. You'll need at least 3 spawnpoint warps, 1 zombiespawn warp, and 1 lobby warp for a complete, usable arena
    4. Number of spawnpoints = max players.
    5. [Optional] setup arena signs for it
    6. Be sure to leave a few iron ores around, Humans need it to craft items. Leave minimal ledges, because Things cannot jump.
    7. Arena is ready for use
    Advanced tips
    • Create Chokepoints (Areas accessible only via jumping) so that the Thing must be human before jumping in to attack.
    • Zombie points should be marked out, so starters don't build their base on them accidentally
    • Remember to place leave signs in the lobby, because players sometimes forget the leave command

    Potion Effects parsing in config

    - [potion effect type],[duration],[amplifier]
    The duration is the duration in seconds.
    The amplifier is the potion level minus one. (Which means amplifier 0 is level 1)

    An example is:
    Code (Text):
    - REGENERATION,999999,0

    This will give players regeneration I with infinite time

    Here's a list of usable effects:

    Crafting Items Format
    In the config, the plugin can set the crafting equipment of the players in the arena.
    Please follow these conventions very carefully, and note especially the spaces, commas, and caps.

    - [material name]:[itemdata (optional)],[amount] [cost] [enchantment]:[level] [name] [lore (Nextline with <br>)
    Note that itemdata, and enchantment is optional, but the amount and cost is compulsory.
    All armour will be put on automatically, try not to have duplicate armor types (Don't have two different helmets etc)
    Here are some examples:
    This will give an iron chestplate with the name "&aIron Chestplate", and the lore "&bStronger Armour" and "&aIron Is Great", that costs 10 iron ingots in the game.
    - IRON_CHESTPLATE,1 cost:10 name:&aIron_Chestplate lore:&bStronger_Armour<br>&aIron_Is_Great
    This will give 2 lapis lazuli that cost 5 iron ingots
    - INK_SACK:4,2 cost:5
    This will give a plain ironchestplate with no names or lores that costs 10 iron ingots
    - IRON_CHESTPLATE,1 cost:10
    This will give 5 sticks with knockback 4 and fireaspect 5 that cost 6 iron ingots
    - STICK,5 knockback:4 fire_aspect:5 cost:6

    Here's a list of all materials:
    Here's a list of all enchantment names:

    Commands & Permissions
    • /thething join [arena] Joins an arena <no permission>
    • /thething leave [arena] Leaves an arena <no permission>
    • /thething delete [arena] Deletes an arena <thething.delete>
    • /thething create [arena] Creates an arena <thething.create>
    • /thething setwarp [arena] [warptype] Sets the specified warp for the specified arena <thething.setwarp>

    Stats and equipment change for the Thing, and Survivors

    Custom Crafting system for increasing effectiveness!

    Zombie spawns to attack Survivors!


    To create a join sign, simply write [TheThing] on the first line, and the arena's name to join in the second line

    Final look of completed join sign

    To create Leave signs, type the above

    This should be the final look of a leave sign
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