Get the most used word by a player, and do things with it.

  1. Scholler
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14


    Get the most used word by a player.

    Why is it good?
    Is your player writing ,,lol'' or ,,xd'' too much? Well, with this plugin, you can actually count how much times he writes it, and you can do something with the message.

    What you can do with the message?
    (Note: This is NOT added yet. But I will do it exactly like how I wrote.)
    You can:
    - Cancel it
    - Send a message to the player when he writes it again
    - The previous option but you can also cancel the message
    - Broadcast something
    - Broadcast something and cancel the message
    - Send a message to all OP players (and if you want: cancel the message..) OR just send a message to someone who has a specified permission.

    Why is it called The AI?
    Well, the plugin is in ALPHA and you don't know what will come in the next updates.. HAHAHA
    So... It is actually like an AI, learns from the user(player) and.. yeah.

    WhAt AbOuT 1.7 aNd 1.8?
    Well, I think it may work in these versions, but there is no support for 1.7 and 1.8. You can try, it may work, BUT NO SUPPORT.


    Not yet:p

    How it works?

    It counts EVERY word sent by a player. So if they send e.g ,,hi'', it will add +1 to playername.words.hi (can be found in config.yml). Also, if they write ,,hello there'', it will count hello and there, too.
    And when a player leaves, it calculates the word with the highest number - that's the most used word.


    - Log the date when the player quit, and when the player rejoins, not to add the written words to the already existing list, but create a new list with the current date. (this is the main goal) Added in alpha-1.1
    |_ Also, should have a most used word in each list, and there should be a ,,main'' word, which should be the really most used word of all time.
    - Add things to choose from when a player writes the most used word (of all time).
    - Add more features :p

    Now, the config.yml should look like this (example..):

    Code (Text):
        hello: 5
        something: 10
        gdlk: 2
        gfsglk: 11
        nub: 3
      avgWord: gfsglk

        kfg: 9
        lg: 39
        Idontknowwhattowriteherelol: 28
      avgWord: lg
    Note that this is in ALPHA, there will be much more features, I don't have much time..

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  1. Doing stuff from TO-DO list ^^

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    Version: ALPHA-1.0
    Thanks for dealing with the troll, I've reported him. Very interesting resource.
    1. Scholler
      Author's Response
      Thank you ^^!
  2. Minetoday356
    Version: ALPHA-1.0
    Great plugin to see what your community is like & what messages are repeated the most.
    1. Scholler
      Author's Response
      Thank you ! :)
  3. Ghost_chu
    Version: ALPHA-1.0
    Help you remove the effect for ChristopherCan stupid reviews.
    Please report this user.
    1. Scholler
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I did.