TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG [Discontinued/Dead] 2.7

Adds sao inspired features to your minecraft server.

  1. TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG-Update v2.5

    • Completely changed code and structure, all plugins using this plugin will break
    • Added nervegear loading animation
    • Added clickable signs for link starts
    • Added lang folder to add own lang files
    • Added settings.yml
    • Added cardinal sytem
    • Added own logger
    • Added own exception handler
    • Added cardinal system authority
    • Added cardinal lock system
    • Added cardinal filesystem
    • Added new command /cardinal
    • Added new command /saoraces
    • Added 4 game system what the cardinal uses to fullfill actions
    • Added the alpha version of the game system ALO
    • Added screen messages as setting
    • Added anncouncement as settings
    • Added lots of settings for particles, respawning and sounds
    • Added skill editing arena
    • Added support for skillapi
    • Added option that skillapi get auto detected and inserted to skillbar
    • Added magic
    • Added automatically switching between minecraft versions
    • Added setting floor bosses
    • Changed the whole skillengine
    • Changed from saoworlds convert world to cardinal convert world
    • Added console animation
    • Added log file
    • Added better player save to store the most options
    • Changed configs.yml
    • Changed filesystem to make it more fancy
    • Fixed loading of spawnpoints and floors
    • Fixed lots of little bugs like loosing items in your inventory
    • Fixed mob related bugs like knockback
    • Fixed updater crash
    • Fixed metrics crash
    • .... and more ....
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