TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG [Discontinued/Dead] 2.7

Adds sao inspired features to your minecraft server.

  1. TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG-Update v2.7

    v 2.7
    • Added new command /alowings
    • Added bannerwings utilities to the plugin as i am the dev of BannerWings.
    • Added baby mobs -> more mobs (pig ,chicken, sheep, ...) can now be baby mobs
    • Added flying mobs
    • Added own flying mob engine
    • Added added 5 new commands to the mob editor
    • Added added 1 new page to the mob editor
    • Fixed config related bugs
    • Changed /saoraces to /aloraces
    • Fixed Floor teleport bug
    • Mobspawnpoint bug
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  2. TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG-Update v2.6

    • Added support for 1.8.7 spigot/craftbukkit servers
    • Added support for 1.8.6 spigot/craftbukkit servers
    • Fixed console error on mob hitting
    • Fixed hitsound saving and loading from the txt files
    • Fixed hitparticles saving and loading from the txt files
  3. TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG-Update v2.5

    • Completely changed code and structure, all plugins using this plugin will break
    • Added nervegear loading animation
    • Added clickable signs for link starts
    • Added lang folder to add own lang files
    • Added settings.yml
    • Added cardinal sytem
    • Added own logger
    • Added own exception handler
    • Added cardinal system authority
    • Added cardinal lock system
    • Added cardinal filesystem
    • Added new command /cardinal
    • Added new command /saoraces
    • Added 4 game system what the...
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  4. Downloadlink update

    Changed download link.
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