TheGrid - Hacking Adventure Engine v0.3.9

Create a Minecraft adventure like no other! Configurable, fun, and totally unique!

  1. Firebreath15
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Hack others in this open-world hacking adventure!

    "You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep this rabbit hole goes." ~Morpheus, The Matrix

    Welcome to TheGrid - an open-world hacking adventure engine! Aim your antenna at the closest System and prepare to discover its secrets. TheGrid is a server-wide gameplay mechanic which allows server owners to configure an endless world of interconnected devices. With laptop in hand, players can venture across the map hacking other players and preconfigured devices. This new gamemode isn’t only a must-have for technology enthusiasts, but it requires zero hacking experience and is easy to understand.

    Note About Installation
    TheGrid is designed to utilize an entire server. Once it has been installed, server operators can create Systems, Outlets, and endless secrets and lore for players to find. Systems are simply preconfigured “servers” or computers that Admin can create. Each System has a name and a level, and it can be hacked by players who are strong enough to crack it. On the other hand, Outlets are devices which players must use to recharge their battery (more on this below). By using their Laptop item, players can hack into nearby Systems and other players to level up.

    The goal of the game is to install viruses, crash servers, and fight to survive in this new tech-savvy Minecraft adventure! Players are able to hack Systems in the world, as well as each other, and have plenty of opportunity to grow stronger.

    * TheGrid is a Minecraft game, and does not encourage real-world malicious hacking.

    TheGrid contains a variety of objects and items. Each of these is outlined below:
    • System: a non-player device which Admin can configure. These are hacked by players with the same level or higher.
    • Outlet: a tripwire hook, which players use to recharge their battery. Right click an Outlet with your Laptop to use.
    • Virus: an item which a player uses to attack another System or player. These can be purchased in the HackShop or unlocked by level-up.
    • Ice Cube: an ice cube. Used to immediately cool a player’s Laptop down after hacking. These can be purchased in the HackShop.
    • Traceroute: a device used to scan for nearby Systems and players.
    • Firewall: a device which all players have. Currently, when powered on, the Firewall provides an extra 5 levels of protection against other hackers, making it harder for them to hack you.

    TheGrid is intended to run as the only gamemode on a server. In other words, you should use a dedicated environment with this plugin. Installation is easy: just drag-and-drop into your Plugins folder, and start up your server. This game runs best on a city map, or in a world with lots of regions to explore.

    TheGrid depends on two major waypoints: Spawn and Tutorial. The Tutorial location is where new players are sent for their briefing. The Spawn location is the point to which they are sent once the Tutorial is over.

    To set each location, simply use these commands:
    • /thegrid setSpawn
    • /thegrid setTutorial

    # Tutorial Effects #
    # This setting will blind players in the Tutorial.
    doTutorialPotionEffects: true

    # MOTD Management #
    # Modify the server's MOTD from TheGrid
    overrideMOTD: true

    # The MOTD to use
    motd: "&8-[ &a&lTheGrid &8]-"

    Server owners also have the ability to customize most of the in-game messages as well. To do this, stop your server and edit the messages.yml file.

    /thegrid - the main command.
    *All permissions for this command are Operator-locked: players must be OP to edit the game in any way

    /gridspawn - return to the spawn location


    If you have any trouble using TheGrid, please post your question in the Discussion tab (and NOT in a review!), where other members in the community can help you solve any problems. Or, if necessary, please feel free to send me a Private Message!

    Are you a Code Junkie?
    If you know Java, or if you just like coding stuff because it's fun, feel free to check out TheGrid on GitHub!
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Recent Reviews

  1. LegoDude
    Version: v0.3.9
    Well, Did some screwing around with the plugin after dev responded very quickly to me, and I absolutely enjoy it! Great job mate!
    1. Firebreath15
      Author's Response
      Glad it's working now :) thanks for the review!
  2. Flori4nK
    Version: v0.3.9
    Idea 10/10
    Plugin 10/10

    The Plugin works and is easy to setup,
    it also adds an working economy system
    Awesome Idea, Great Plugin!
  3. NachosRGood
    Version: v0.3.9
    I am speechless, this is such an original game mode. Runs very well and is very well developed! Thanks for making it free ;D
  4. Flurg
    Version: v0.3.8
    Amazing as always! I love the updates and you update like almost every day! I can't wait to see it develop!
  5. Frechette456
    Version: v0.3.7
    You should add teams. One team is a "Hacker Team" and the other is the "Guard Team" The guards have to stop the hackers from hacking their systems by pvping them and making the hackers get out of range. If you do add that feature. Make it so it announces the hackers name when they start the hack.
  6. Flurg
    Version: v0.3.7
    New version is the same but because I like the resource so much I am giving it another 5 star! I can't wait to see this resource developer!
    1. Firebreath15
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the second review! xD

      Most users won't see a difference, but it's always good to get those bug fixes installed.
  7. KingAlterIV
    Version: v0.3.7
    Woah, Seems like a original and creative plugin! Can't wait to see minigames out of this plugin, and more plugins from this author! :)
  8. Flurg
    Version: v0.3.5
    WOW! This plugin is amazing I love the creativity features and the kinda simple setup! I havent come across to many bugs so far and it just is a really fun gamemode! Cant wait for more!