ThemePark 2.3.4

A status menu plugin for your ThemePark server!

  1. v2.3.4 || Added 1.17 support, and more.

    • Added support for Spigot 1.17
    • Bumped to Java 11 (this release drops Java 8 support!)
    • Added anti item drop for menu item (bypass with themepark.admin permission)
    • Removed some debug
    • Bugfixes
  2. v2.3.1 || Bugfixes

    • Fixed bug in RidecountAPI that caused the get command and Ridecount add-on to work incorrectly with the DAILY and WEEKLY modes.
  3. v2.3 || Bugfixes

    • Fixed a bug with older versions of SQLite that caused the RidecountAPI to not work correctly
    • Fixed some small other bugs
  4. v2.2 || Bugfixes

    • You can now also use negative numbers for the ridecount (and RidecountAPI).
    • Fixed a small bug in the menu that made it possible to put items in it
  5. v2.1.4 || Ridecount fixes

    • Added permission to ridecount command
    • A lot of bugfixes with the ridecount system
  6. v2.1.3 || Small additions

    • Added PreProcessCountEvent - Gets fired before the ridecount is processed
    • Added selectors to ridecount
    • Added traincarts sign for ridecount
    • Small bugfixes
  7. v2.1.2 || Bugfixes

    • Database fixes
    • RideCounterAPI fixes
  8. v2.1.1 || Fixes

    • Fixes database error (VALUES)
    • Fixed ridecount API error
  9. v2.1 || Bugfixes

    • Fixed bug with status sign
    • Fixed bug with setlocation command
    • Some other small bugfixes
  10. v2.0 || Recode!

    A full recode of the ThemePark plugin.

    The file system changed in this release! The old data files are not compatible with this update.

    If you need any help with converting the files, please contact us in our Discord.

    It has the old and trusted feature with a few extra's extras:
    • Added per region custom item
    • Ridecount (to sync it with the panel will stay in the...