ThePrison v2.0

A bunch of useful utils for Prison servers

  1. 123keelos
    This is a .sk called ThePrison. It doesn't really have much into it at the moment but it will get updated soon. I am starting to learn Skript. Once this Skript file has enough features, it will become a Premium Resource.

    OK, now to explain this. This plugin will run a command when inventory is full, also it will display a title. It will run /sellall and /tm bc <message>. More features will be added soon...

    Permissions and Commands:

    - /setmotd <Text> (Permission; prison.setmotd)
    - /showmotd


    1] Install Skript
    2] Install AutoSell
    3] Install TitleManager
    4] Put in plugins\Skript\scripts
    5] Stop and start the server
    6] Done!


    - TitleManager
    - AutoSell can be configured to be compatible with QuickSell or any other plugin

    Planned Features:

    -U tell me

    Email -
    [email protected]
    MC Server -
    Skype - Mr123keelos
    PMC - 123keelos_
    Bukkit - keelos123

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    Hello, I make plugin as you can see. I make simple ones. I can make or edit a plugin for you but it'll cost you a small amount. Just PM, Email or Skype me if you are interested. Remember small plugins not HUGE.

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