TheProgramSrcAPI 2.5.4

The best way to create a Plugin using an API

  1. The_ProgramSrc
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Hex_27 (Cross-Version Material Support)
    Languages Supported:
    Spanish, German, Customizable
    The best way to create a Plugin



    • External JAR Support
    • Maven Support
    • Custom GUI Creator
    • Custom File Creator
    • Custom File Reader
    • Custom Item Builder
    • Custom Material Support
    • Packet Support
    • Custom Command Support
    • Dialog Support
    • Multi Language Support
    • User Manager


    Features Definition:

    External JAR Support / Maven Support:

    You'll be able to use the API as an External JAR (like another plugin) or use it with maven:

    Maven Configuration:

    Code (Text):

    Code (Text):

    Custom GUI Creator:
    You'll be able to create unique GUIs with this API and will be easier than ever!, you wont need the InventoryClickEvent or the Bukkit.createInventory Method anymore!

    Custom File Creator:
    Create the best files ever seen with this custom file creator that allow you to create files easier, you can choose the folder, the file name and the file extension!

    Custom File Reader:
    Perfect to read files without editing it!, the name of the feature says all!

    Custom Item Builder:
    Create your own items with the Custom Item Builder!, and you wont need more external APIs for cross-version materials, this API come with the XMaterial API provided from Hex_27

    Packet Support:
    Use the Packet support to Change the TabList Header and Footer, send Actionbars, Titles and more!

    Custom Command Support:
    Create cusomized commands with the Custom Command Support, that works with two methods, one that it's executed when a player runs the command and other for the console

    Dialog Support:
    Create a dialog between the player and the plugin with the dialog support, the dialog will ask to the player for an answer using the chat

    Multi Language Support:
    Create your own languages using the Multi Language Support, and will be editable from the Files!

    User Manager:
    Manage to your users throught the User Manager that allows you to know if a player is online or is has OP

    All this features are only the Start, if you want to know more use the API and learn of Bukkit/Spigot Programming!


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Recent Reviews

  1. GamePvP
    Version: 2.4.6

    First very cool plugin. I had a question and I would like to introduce this plugin on my channel. I would be glad if this video would then come to your plugin page under tutorial. For your German Community.

    Pair of information

    Youtube = GamePvP
    Discord = @ GamePvP # 1234

    Write me on discord times.

    With best regards,
    1. The_ProgramSrc
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review!

      Sure, You can create a video, when It´s done send me the link and I'll put it in the plugin page!