TheTimeClock | Time with system! 1.1

Add a variable date and time system to your Server! Be on Time!

  1. Tonda_
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    The easy way to control the Server time!
    NOTICE: This Plugin is still in a Beta version!

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    We all want to be on time!

    Now it's even in Minecraft possible!

    This plugin contains some bugs!
    Less functions, but bug free offers TheTime!


    -Complete open source!
    -Add an internal calendar System!

    -Supports 1.8.3-1.10.2!
    -Control the Time with easy Commands!
    -Create own time plugins with our API!
    -View the full open source code on gitHub!
    -View our free wiki!
    -Ingame watch function!
    -Disable the Clock at any time!
    -Easy player commands!

    -Quick Bugfixes!

    Important commmands

    Control Commands
    /(date/time) help / / shows the date/time help!
    /(date/time) get / / shows the current date/time!

    No working well! /(date/time) set [t/s/m/h] / / sets the Server date/time!
    No working well! /(date/time) add [t/s/m/h] \ \ add some date/time!
    No working well! /(date/time) discount [t/s/m/h] \ \ discount some date/time!

    /(date/time) reset \ \ reset the date/time!
    /time clock true/false / / activate or deactivate the clock at anytime!
    /time watch true/false \ \ Turn watches on/off for all Players!

    /time conversion / / shows conversion help!
    /time query tucks/ticks \ \ shows the current tucks/ticks

    [t/s/m/h] = tucks/seconds/minutes/hours

    /theTimeClock reset //resets all clocks
    /theTimeClock reload // reloads the configs

    Player Commands
    /getTime / / shows a Title with the Time!
    /getDate / / shows a Title with the Date!
    /watch / / shows the watch in players ActionBar


    Admin Permissions
    time.* // Permissions to all commands!
    date.* // Permissions to all commands!
    TheTimeClock.* // Permissions to all commands!

    Player Permissions
    time.getTime // Permissions to /getTime // Permissions to /watch

    date.getDate // Permissions to /getDate
    (more command information above)


    You also need to install ActionBarAPI to use this!
    Bug Reports

    Please contact me if there are any Bugs while running!


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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed some bigger errors!
  2. Release & 1.10 Support
  3. New Config Options!

Recent Reviews

  1. Sidias
    Version: 0.3.5
    1. Tonda_
      Author's Response
      Thank you! really much ;) I also was thinking of something like custom Years and Months in the next update :)
  2. Sitieno14
    Version: 0.1.3
    Please do a 1.8 version, the plugin is really nice! Thanks,
    1. Tonda_
      Author's Response
      Thank you really much! :)
      I hope it will be even better with the API ;)
      I will work on a 1.8 version!