TheTimeClock | Time with system! 1.1

Add a variable date and time system to your Server! Be on Time!

  1. Fixed some bigger errors!

    Now months are correctly calculated when you set the Time.
    But there are anyway some strange bugs in time calculation, i will fix them up within the next updates.
    The plugin works perfect without time setting. So be careful with using the following commands:
    -/time set
    -/date set

    Also we now support 1.10 and 1.10.2!
    Have a nice day! We hope you enjoy. Don't forget to report all bugs in the discussion or on GitHub.
    ~TheTimeClock Team
  2. Release & 1.10 Support

    The Plugin is now not anymore in Beta!
    I hope all Bugs are now fixed!

    Also now with 1.10 support!
    Hope you enjoy!
  3. New Config Options!

    Now you can decide if you want the plugin to change the time or just show the plugin time!
    Also you can now edit the days for each month to make it more realistic!

    Hope you enjoy it!
    TheTimeClock Team
  4. Now with start Time

    You now can easy edit the start Time when the plugin begins to run.
    There are maybe a few bugs with this, please contact me on GitHub if so.

    Hope you like it,
    TheTimeClock Team
  5. New Options!

    Now you not only can set the time with Ticks!
    /time set 1h for hours
    /time set 1m for minutes
    /time set 1s for seconds
    /time set 1t for tucks

    This is also with time add/discount possible!

    Hope you enjoy,
    TheTimeClock Team ;)
  6. Now supporting 1.8.3-1.9.4

    Now supporting following Minecraft versions:
  7. Added new commands!

    New commands have been added:
    /theTimeClock reset // resets all clocks
    /theTimeClock reload // reloads the configs
  8. New Error options

    The Command files were renewed!
    One Error Message was added! (if you update please delete your translations.yml! There will be an Update Funktion for this File soon!)
    Hope you enjoy the new update!

    Have a nice day,
    TheTimeClock Team
  9. Fixed default config & starting Erros

    The default config data form watchOnScreenTime has changed to 19.
    Also some other errors from version 1.8 and 1.9 where fixed.
  10. Added a 1.8 version

    Please contact me if there are any bugs with this version!

    Have fun,
    TheTimeClock Team