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  1. TwiXoTV
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    TheWalls !


    All server commands should be executed as shown WITHOUT [ ] or < >. < > = Required
    [ ] = Optional

    • /tw help - Get general information about the plugin and commands.
    • /map - Get info about and a link to the original map.
    • /lobby - List all lobbies and the amount of time they have remaining.
    • /join - Join the waiting que for getting into a game.
    • /quit - Leave your game and/or the waiting que to get into a game.
    • /spec <name> - Teleport to people to watch them play.
    • /wait - Teleport back to the waiting area (spectators only).
    • /setwait - Set the waiting location where you are.
    • /setback - Set the backup location where you are.
    • /add - Add a new world.
    • /alldm - Force all games into deathmatch (I use this before reloading/shutting down the server).
    • /record [name] - With name, gets player's record, without name gets your record.
    • /top - Look at the leaderboard (top wins, kills, and deaths).
    • /team [msg] - With message, send message to team, without message, switch to team chat.
    • /g [msg] - With message, send global message, without message, switch to global chat.
    • /invite <name> - Invite player to be on your team.
    • /accept - Accept invite to a team.
    • /quitteam - Quit team and go solo.
    • /removeplayer <name> - Remove player from game.
    • /removefromque <name> - Remove player from que and/or game.

    • thewalls.join - Ability to use /join.
    • thewalls.quit - Ability to use /quit.
    • thewalls.gethelp - Ability to use /tw help.
    • thewalls.getlobbyinfo - Ability to use /lobby.
    • thewalls.getmapinfo - Ability to use /map.
    • thewalls.spectate - Ability to use /spec.
    • thewalls.tptowait - Ability to use /wait.
    • thewalls.setwait - Ability to use /setwait.
    • thewalls.setbackup - Ability to use /setback.
    • thewalls.addworld- Ability to use /add.
    • thewalls.forcedm - Ability to use /alldm.
    • thewalls.checkrecords - Ability to use /record.
    • thewalls.checktop - Ability to use /top.
    • - Ability to use /g.
    • - Ability to use /team.
    • thewalls.invitetoteam - Ability to use /invite.
    • thewalls.jointeam - Ability to use /accept.
    • thewalls.quitteam- Ability to use /quitteam.
    • thewalls.removeplayer - Ability to use /removeplayer and /removefromque.
    • thewalls.creativewaiting - Player gets creative when in waiting area (useful to not have when waiting area has puzzles/mazes).
    • thewalls.nosneakbypass - Two min after wall falls, people can't sneak, give this to people and they can still sneak.
    • thewalls.noplay.break - Ability for people to break blocks after they have /quit.
    • - Ability for people to break blocks after they have /quit.
    • thewalls.noplay.openchest - Ability for people to open chests after they have /quit.
    • thewalls.noplay.all - Ability to do everything after they have /qui
    • thewalls.teamkill - You cannot teamkill until the wall falls, people with this can teamkill.
    • thewalls.joinonlogin - Player automatically runs /join when they login.
    • thewalls.joinonrespawn - Player automatically runs /join when they respawn.
    Config Options
    • Minimum people to start game.
    • Maximum people in a game.
    • Maximum amount of people per team.
    • Time before the wall falls.
    • Time before sent to deathmatch.
    • Are people removed when they quit.
    • Are people removed when they are kicked.
    Version : 1.7.x
    thanks for downloading !