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Thief Skript 1.2

Want you be a thief in minecraft?

  1. LegendWH

    What does it do?
    This script,transform you into a thief in minecraft!
    How do I use it?

    Take a wooden hoe.And rightclick with wooden hoe.Stop! How open chests?Your chance is %10.Yes :) How open chests?click below to chest !
    İf you are lost.You lose 2 health bar:D
    Coming Soon!
    -Thief level!
    -Status system!
    -Open doors for enter house! (added!)
    Don't Forget!.You chance is %10.İf you lose you lost 2 health bar.And open for chests.clik below to chest :)

    Good games;)
    if this script have a bug please write me...

    Note for Turkish:
    Selam beyler,
    Ben forum minecraft türkiyeden LegendWH bu skript helter tarafından yapılmıştır.Ama onun iznini aldım ve bu skripti geliştiriyorum.İyi günler :) Türkçe sürümü yakında eklenecektir linki burada olur...

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  1. Want you be a thief in minecraft?!

Recent Reviews

  1. RepublicanSensei
    Version: 1.2
    güzel deneme, ancak skript in çalışmayacaktır ciddi hatalar var ve tekrardan baksan iyi olur ^^ ........................................