Thirst 1.0.0

Thirst management system with display.

  1. WaRToG
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    You want to add an extra challenge to your Minecraft adventure ? This is the right plugin for you. You can now easily add a Thirst bar to your player GUI.

    • Thirst add a new thirst bar in the ActionBar of the player.
    • Thirst is fully customizable using the config.yml.
    • Thirst will add customizable potion effect to the player.
    • Thirst bar goes up when a player drink a water bottle.
    • Players in creative or spectator mode ignore thirst and the bar is hidden
    • /thirst - Display the list of commands.
    • /thirst reload - Reload the config.yml file.
    • /thirst ignore - Toggle the ability to prevent the thirst from dropping
    • /thirst refill - Refill the thirst bar
    • /thirst hide - Toggle hide the thirst bar
    • - thirst.ignore - Allow access to /thirst ignore
    • - thirst.reload - Allow access to /thirst reload
    • - thirst.refill - Allow access to /thirst refill
    • - thirst.hide - Allow access to /thirst hide

    The plugin is fully customizable using the config.yml file.

    Code (Text):
    # This is the default configuration file for the Thirst plugin by WaRToG
    # If you want to put colors, use the & symbol

    # Dehydration rate is the amount of time (int seconds) before the thirst
    # drops by the value
      rate: 360
      value: 1

    # Hydration value is the amount of thirst you will gain for drinking a water bottle
      value: 4

    # The refresh rate (in ticks) is the amount of time before the thirst bar updates
      refresh-rate: 20
      character-full: "#"
      character-empty: "/"

    # These are the messages displayed by the plugin
      thirst-refill: "&8You have refilled your thirst!"
      now-ignoring: "&8You are now ignoring thirst!"
      no-longer-ignoring: "&8You are no longer ignoring thirst!"
      now-hidden: "&8You can no longer see the thirst!"
      no-longer-hidden: "&8You can see the thirst!"
      permission: "&cYou don't have the permissions to do this!"

    # These are the potion effect added to the player when he reaches a certain amount of thirst
    # The name of the effect and the level is separated by ":" without any spaces
      - SLOW:1
      - SLOW_DIGGING:1
      - SLOW:1

    Upcoming updates

    this is a list of ideas for upcoming updates. IT IS NOT IMPLEMENTED YET.
    • Possibility to add custom drinkable items with new crafts.
    • Different ways to display the thirst.
    • New commands for administrator.
    • Possibility to purify water collected with bottles.
    • New effects when you drink unpurified water.
    • AND MANY MORE...
    contact me if you have ideas for future updates.

    Please note that this is my first public plugin and the first version. If you encounter any bugs, please let me know. Since English is my second language, I apologize for any mistakes.

Recent Reviews

  1. ChernyyKap
    Version: 1.0.0
    Nice plugin, I didn't find any bugs or error yet!
    I recommend this plugin to spice up your server, thats a great way to annoy players!