Thizzy'z Tree Feller 1.13.4

The most customizable tree feller/timber plugin ever made.

  1. Patch 1.13.4: McMMO -> mcMMO

    * Fixed misspelling in mcMMO compatibility
  2. Patch 1.13.3: Netherite Axe

    + Added netherite axe to default config
  3. Patch 1.12.3

  4. Version 1.13.2: Config fix

    * Fixed default config
  5. Nether Trees

    + Added nether trees to default configuration
    + Added force-distance-check option
  6. Version 1.13: 1.16 Fix; dropped support for 1.15 and below

    Updated API version to 1.16
    Fixed items not dropping in 1.16
    Removed a couple lines from /treefeller help
    Dropped support for 1.13-1.15
  7. Version 1.12.2: CustomModelData

    + Added required CustomModelData option for 1.14+
  8. Version 1.12.1

    Plugin compatibilities can now be toggled in the config
    Fixed "Found unknown tool option: type" showing incorrectly
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  9. Version 1.12: Messages, Falling blocks, enchantments, and all-around fixes

    + All messages sent by /treefeller debug can be modified and customized for standard use
    + Falling blocks will now drop items as if broken normally unless they fail to land (ex. landing on a torch)
    + Ores and spawners now drop experience when broken. EXP is affected by drop-chance and will be added directly to the player with an INVENTORY fell behavior
    + Trees are always broken with the tool being held (For example, ores will drop accurately depending on which pickaxe you use)
    + Added...
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  10. Version 1.11: Configuration Overhaul

    + Overhauled the config
    + Many more options, such as animation settings, can be configured for each tool or tree independently
    + Updated resource description
    * Fixed ignore-leaf-data never being loaded
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