ThotPatrol | Advanced Cheat Detection | [1.7/1.8] 1.5.1

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  1. ThotPatrol v.1.5.1

    ~ False positive and bug fixes
    ~ Code optimization and improvement
  2. ThotPatrol v1.5.0

    ~ fixed speed i never flagging cause im stupid
    ~ other false positive fixes
    ~ removed old and unused stuff
  3. ThotPatrol v1.4.9

    ~ False positive fixes
    ~ Removed some checks as experimental
    ~ Code cleanup and optimization
  4. ThotPatrol v.1.4.8

    regen configs pls <3
    ~ Fix jesus false positives with bow boosting
    ~ Fixed spider/speed false positives with a lot of tnt
    ~ Fixed Fly E false positive when sneaking and towering upward
    ~ Fixed Tower false positive when placing blocks on other blocks not under player
    ~ Other false positive fixes that i forget
    ~ Added settings.bypassBelowOnePing to fix issue when players would lag very badly and ping would read as 0, disabled by default
    ~ Code cleanup and optimziations
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  5. ThotPatrol v1.4.7

    ~ False positive fixes
    ~ Added settings.enableAlertsOnJoin option, regen config to take effect
    ~ Fixed few permission inconsistencies
    ~ Code cleanup and optimizations
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  6. ThotPatrol v1.4.6

    false positive fixes
    fixed null pointer cause im dumb
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  7. ThotPatrol v1.4.5

    ~ Removed Reach (Type E) as experimental and set as bannable
    ~ Fixed few more little false positives
    ~ Code cleanup and optimization

    Thank you all for almost 1,000 downloads <3
  8. ThotPatrol 1.4.4

    ~ False positive fixes
  9. ThotPatrol v.1.4.3

    false positive fixes
  10. ThotPatrol v.1.4.2

    ~ Fixed Spider (Type A) false positive on stairs
    ~ Fixed Ascension (Type D) false positive with horses
    ~ Fixed Speed (Type A) issue with bow boosting
    ~ Fixed Criticals C false positives
    ~ Fixed Step A false positives
    ~ Fixed Fly (E) false positives (i think)
    ~ Few other false positive fixes