Throttle (TrainCarts add-on) 1.1

Drive trains realistically!

  1. janitus1234
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    With this plugin you can manually control TrainCarts trains by setting an acceleration (throttle) instead of speed. The plugin automatically modifies the maxspeed property to change the train speed, so you will need to prepare your spawner to give energy to trains, while keeping the train stopped:


    This is the bare minimum you need to make the plugin work, but it is also recommended setting the slowdown property to false, and the collision property to deny. This way the train will always be responsive to your throttle setting, and won't be stopped by entities on the track.

    The main command to drive trains is /throttle. Adding an integer between 2 and 8 will change the acceleration of the train you are editing. 5 is neutral, and will keep speed stable. 6-8 will increase speed and 2-4 will brake the train. /throttle off will disable the plugin for this player, necessary to edit other trains without modifying their speed. To reverse the direction of the train do /throttle reverse.

    While the plugin is active, two bars will appear at the top of your screen. The first one indicates the current speed of the train and the other shows the separation between your train and the next one ahead, with a maximum of 300 blocks.

    Let's see some examples:

    /throttle 8 - increase speed quickly
    /throttle 6 - increase speed slowly
    /throttle 3 - brake
    /throttle 5 - keep speed

    To report bugs or ask for help you can DM me on Discord. My username is janitus1234#1999.

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