Throwable Axe v1.1.1b

A new and funny weapon on your server.

  1. edoboss99
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    Throwable Axe ( by YoshYz ) was an old idea project started more than two years ago in the bukkit forums by GeekWithAChick.

    With the time the code as lost a lot of efficiency until it now doesn't work more , so i wanted to totally recode a new one to bring back this.

    Just rightclick with any axe to use.
    Permission needed: throwableaxe.use


    • Skellett ( Just for the sounds support )

    - Support for all types of axe
    - Different damage based in the type of the axe
    - Different range power based in the type of the axe
    - Double damage if the target was shooted in a distance more than 12 blocks.
    - Cooldown
    - Sounds

    Coded this just for fun and to make something different.
    Feel free to suggest me everything you want to be added.

Recent Updates

  1. v1.1.1b
  2. v1.1.0a

Recent Reviews

  1. hakeem_j
    Version: v1.1.1b
    good plugin {skript}
    1. edoboss99
      Author's Response
      Awesome review! Thank you
  2. NoDeschPro
    Version: v1.1.0a
    Hey, if you drop the axe then you duplicate the quite simple :/
    Can u fix this problem?
    1. edoboss99
      Author's Response
      Fixed! Thank you for the review.
      Next time please use the resource discussion.
  3. TanD
    Version: v1.0
    Wow, very nice idea! Check Discussions area please.

    1. edoboss99
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. ^^