Throwable Fireballs v1.6.8

Throw fireballs like a Ghast! | Grief like never before!

  1. ThrowableFireballs v1.6.8

    Quick error log fix in console when throwing.

    What to expect with version 1.7.0
    I am completely re-writing the way the knockback/explosion is done, this will make it so much more realistic, and eliminate those weird little jumps and explosions in odd places... and also eliminate the need for alot of extra code i put in which prevented knockback when flying or in the air / above void. overall v1.7.0 should be the final version for this plugin, and then will just continue...
  2. ThrowableFireballs Legacy Version

    Quick update for the Legacy version, found a couple buggos.

    • Changed the default crafting recipe for this version,
    • removed uncesessary settings in the config,
    • and removed all the 1.13 features i was working on which had not been implemented when i ported the plugin to 1.8

    And finally added an option in the config to allow players to throw regular fire charges. "Material.FIREBALL" in 1.8 - 1.12

    That should be about it!

    NOTE: i will...
  3. ThrowableFireballs Legacy Version 1.0.0

    Added a legacy version for those who requested it.
    this should work with any version from 1.8-1.12.2
    If it doesn't please get back to me and i'll fix 'em up!

    NOTE: If you're using v1.6.7-1 then there is no need to download this update!
    this is for legacy (1.8-1.12) versions ONLY

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  4. ThrowableFireballs v1.6.8

    Cancels the event when clicking a block with the fireball... it no longer uses the ball up and sets fire on the block clicked.
    I know this has been a "bug" since i released this plugin... just never actually thought of fixing it....

    If you enjoy this update please leave me a rating and follow me on spigot for more updates and plugins!!
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  5. ThrowableFireballs v1.6.7

    Explosion/damage update!


    an option in the config for Natural Explosions, this reverts the fireball explosion back to what a normal Ghast fireball would do, Note, that this makes the explosion much smaller than the custom one.
    But it registers as a different type of block damage and hence allows some plugins to roll it back... If you want to rollback the block damage from the custom fireballs use CoreProtect...
  6. ThrowableFireballs v1.6.6

    Just added the legal stuffs to the source code, as i open sourced the plugin :> enjoyy!

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  7. ThrowableFireballs v1.6.5

    Yo! Sorry for the long delay in getting this update out, had some computer issues with corrupted files :>
    anyways heres the per-world update!!

    Added a list of 'No-Throw-Zones' to the config.yml.

    these allow you to add worlds in which you do not
    want players to be able to throw fireballs.
    Suggested by @Shadowpauler

    To update your config.yml file simply get a copy of the one in the 'Overview' page of this plugin, or just delete the...
  8. ThrowableFireballs v1.6.4

    Commands, Permissions, and Compatibility update!

    Fixed all commands, permission-related issues, everything should work properly, no more weird errors when trying to use a command you don't have permissions for, it now sends the NoPermissionMessage: "" in the config.yml file ;)

    Added a new command,
    What with the new Unique Fireball item, and the only way to get it was to craft it... i had to add a command so OP's could get it easily,
    simply type the command /fireball get [amount]...
  9. ThrowableFireballs v1.6.3

    Performance update!

    Bugs Fixed:

    - Naughty FireBalls would fly in places they weren't supposed to go.
    - when typing /fireball reload it would give you excuses as to why it
    spammed so many errors in console, and didn't just reload the config.
    - ChatColor characters would show up as '?' instead of the color, causing much confusion in the messages.
    - prefixes were non existent in the console, now you know that ThrowableFireballs sent that message in console!

    - new Beta...
  10. ThrowableFireballs v1.6.2

    Crafting update!!

    Added a crafting recipe! wohooo!
    you can change the display name and lore of the item
    change the amount given on craft, change the shape
    of the crafting recipe
    and change all the different materials in the recipe
    aka. 100% customizable ;)

    NOTE: If you change the recipe, you will either have to type /reload
    or restart the server for the new recipe to register


    Make backups of your...