Throwable Fireballs v1.7.8

Throw fireballs like a Ghast! | Grief like never before!

  1. Throwable Fireballs v1.7.8

  2. ThrowableFireballs v1.7.7

    The new fireball launch mechanics are still a bit wonky, I've added a toggle in the config if you simply want to launch them directly from the player's head as per default.

    Code (YAML):

    # Any number above 0 will use a different mechanic to launch the fireball, preventing it from exploding on your head sometimes.
    : 0
    Also... tested 1.15 support, works without issues.

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  3. ThrowableFireballs v1.7.6


    Sorry it took me a while, but I eventually got everything working.
    This is a big internal update, you hopefully won't notice much of a change.

    But let me know if you find any new issues, because I'm pretty sure I missed alot. ;p

    I added a new configuration option, so be sure to
    /throwablefireballs updateconfig after you update the plugin.

    If you want to add it manually:

    Code (YAML):

    # Don't want it to look...
  4. ThrowableFireballs v1.7.5

    Okay, soo... i'm not a month late with this update.
    BUT, i finally remembered to write the Elytra knockdown, as requested by somebody on the discord.

    It's pretty simple. If a player is using an elytra (aka. flying with it) and a fireball hits them (it has to be a fireball thrown via command or the player) They will be knocked out of flying, and will fall down, and, unless they reactivate their elytra in time, will fall to certain death >;D

    If you...
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  5. ThrowableFireballs v1.7.4

    For some reason, when i recoded the commands, i forgot to re-add /fireball
    I added that back, thanks to somebody reminding me...
    If you have the permissions fireballs.command and [/b]fireballs.commandthrow[/b] you can toss a fireball by using the /fireball command alias.

    Also, everything works perfectly on servers from versions 1.13 -> 1.14.1 ;)

    If you enjoyed, please leave me a rating and follow me on spigot for more updates and plugins!...
  6. ThrowableFireballs v1.7.3

    Added support for Spigot 1.14 servers
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  7. ThrowableFireballs v1.7.2

    Fixed a mosquito...
    Actually it was some not-so-friendly console spam when plain Fire_Charges were being thrown.
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  8. ThrowableFireballs v1.7.1

    A very tidy update.

    Well it seems it's time for another update!

    This introduces a number of fixes as well as usability issues.

    - commands work everywhere (I made this plugin back when i was still new to the SpigotAPI in general. So parts of it were very messy. I cleaned those up.)
    added tab-completion & help commands, basically re-did the entire command system. /fireballs...
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  9. ThrowableFireballs v1.7.0

    And a large update is here!

    Firstly, i added a config file updater to make it easier to add features to your config file, simply install v1.7.0, restart your server, and type
    /fireballs updateconfig It will make a backup of your old config file, and then load up the new one. Simply copy your old settings over and you're good to go!

    Added block protection, add blocks & keywords of blocks that you don't want to be blown to bits with the...
  10. ThrowableFireballs v1.6.8

    Quick error log fix in console when throwing.

    What to expect with version 1.7.0
    I am completely re-writing the way the knockback/explosion is done, this will make it so much more realistic, and eliminate those weird little jumps and explosions in odd places... and also eliminate the need for alot of extra code i put in which prevented knockback when flying or in the air / above void. overall v1.7.0 should be the final version for this plugin, and then will just continue...