Throwable Weapons - NEW UPDATE - FULL CONFIG - 1.8.x - 1.10.x 1.14

Why not? It just hurt a little.

  1. CodingPig
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Tired of classic pvp? Don't want to make a Forge server? Then this is for you my friend :) !
    Suitable for hunger games add-on

    DEPENDENCY: WorldGuard, WorldEdit (all of it or this won't work)
    • Fixing huge bug in enchant damage count
    • Increasing more accuracy


    • Allow players to throw weapons (Axe,Sword,etc...)
    • Customize hit sound, throw sound, effect, #min damage...
    • Damage changed on weapon material (Diamond, Iron, Sword, Wood, Gold) and per weapon's enchantment level (Sharpness, Punch, Fire Aspect,...)
    • Improving throwing physics
    • Compatible with orther plugins (McMMo,Essentials) (change in config file)
    • Anti grief: depend on worldguard and worldedit for safety use (/rg define <region_name_listed><id_number or something you like to specify this name because world guard didn't use the same name for multiple regions) :
      + axeantigrief - Anti throw, anti damage taken
      + axeantithrow - Just anti throw only
      + axedamageprotect - Protect damage from throwing weapons
      EX: /rg define axeantigriefPVPARENA or /rg define axeantigriefFARMMOB
      It just like tag, every region you can tag it in so the system check if its contains the tag then they prevent from griefing.
    • Specify item: If you want to specify the throwable items just add Throwable at the end of lore lines so that item can be throw
    • Weapon throwing physics
    • Weapon throwing animation
    • Weapon drop (drop : false in config file)
    • TAxe.use : All permission for players
    • TAxe.admin : All permission for admin
    • /tclear : clear all throwing, on ground weapons (deal with the lag when drop : false
    • /treload : reload config
    Code (Text):

      Enable: true
      MinDamage: 5.0
      MultiplyForce: 4.5
      CompatibleOtherPlugins: true
      Small: true
      Delay: true
      Knockback: true
      Permission: TAxe.use
        SoundHit: VILLAGER_HIT
        SoundThrow: ENDERMAN_TELEPORT
        FastPick: false
        Drop: true
    - Rate and download the plugin-
    - Put the plugin in your server "plugins" folder-
    - Start the server-
    - Enjoy-
    - Holding a weapon and right click where you want to throw -
    - It just work if you right click on air (anti spam throw) -
    - Waiting for 1.5 sec and you will see -
    - Need permission to throw, can config in the configuration -

    SOUND AND ITEM MATERIAL ARE DIFFERENT ON 1.8.x and 1.9.x carefully choose correctly or error log will show on console
    Link 1.8(sound):
    Link 1.8(material):
    Link 1.9(sound):
    Link 1.9 (material):

Recent Updates

  1. Fix damage, axe bug
  2. Fixed axe model bug
  3. Fixed axe stuck

Recent Reviews

  1. acult
    Version: 1.14
    Amazing plugin!!!
    Please update it to 1.11 - 1.11.2 :) and eventually to 1.12.
    Don't abandone this plugin!
  2. anhcraft
    Version: 1.14
    a good plugin......... very very good....
    deo dung dc
    fix coi
    1. CodingPig
      Author's Response
      phai co depend
  3. huynhqtienvtag
    Version: 1.14
    Very good plugin. My players like it.
    Also, Can you make it compatible with custom enchant plugin like EnchantmentAPI??
  4. VoltaJack
    Version: 1.14
    1.10.2 It doesn't works, i have installed WE and WG (thry works fine) except the Plugin that is not read by the Server
  5. ExZotic
    Version: 1.14
    Plugin dont working on 1.10.2. WE and WG installed .
    1. CodingPig
      Author's Response
      pm me your log
  6. Zomblad
    Version: 1.9
    Amazing plugin! Its very simple and free, thank you for such an cool plugin, dude. I hope you will add more features later)))
    1. CodingPig
      Author's Response
      thanks <3
  7. kamikazifrosty
    Version: 1.9
    Changed my rating to 5 stars, This plugin is great, and the dev is quick to respond to issues. give it a try.
  8. kamikazifrosty
    Version: 1.6
    very fun plugin! Issues: disables mcmmo power activation. Also please add ability to choose which item is throwable (ie: just stone axes)
    1. CodingPig
  9. figio55
    Version: 1.0
    Is there a way to make the throwing instant without waiting about 1.5 seconds? please help because the cooldown isn't good in the mini-game i'm making
    1. CodingPig
      Author's Response
      I updated the plugin sir
  10. Assasinsheep
    Version: 1.0
    this plugin is very buggy has never been updated if this were to be updated to 1.9 I have a list of issues if you are interested until then my review will stay 1 star
    1. CodingPig
      Author's Response
      i updated the plugin this plugin which many bug fixed and 1.9 update i claimed over this plugin..again :#