Throwing Knives [1.10 - 1.12] 1.0.1 Beta

Throwable knives in Minecraft!

  1. Support for importing from old versions.

    • Added import feature. (Import tutorial in main page)
    • Added reload feature.
  2. 1.0

    • New /tk give command.
    • Rewrote Knife class comlpetely.
    • Rewrote EventListener class.
    • Updated API.
    • Updated all of my plugins. (Rewrote Util class)
  3. Content update.

    • Knives will now drop if it hits any blocks.
  4. API update.

    • Introduced API for developers!
    To use the API just hook into the plugin by importing it to your project and adding it to the dependency of your plugin.

    New API methods (com.cube.throwingKnifes.API) :
    • giveKnife(Player p, String name) - Gives a knife with the name set in the config to a player.
    • getKnife(String name) - Returns a knife with the name set in the config.
  5. Command update!

    • New command /tk added (tk.give) Usage : /tk give <Player_name> <Knife_name>!
  6. Reupload of previous version.

    • Reuploaded version.
    • Fixed minor things.
  7. Huge content update!

    • Added custom knifes support. Config format is in thread.
    • Added potion effects to knife.
    • Added chance for not consuming sword.
    • Added bleed or no bleed option.
    • Added damage for custom knifes.
  8. API update.

    • Update of all my plugins. (Updated some util classes.)